How Does German Economy Compare to United States Economy?

Some of our viewers may have grown up with the idea that Europe is filled with nothing more than unorganised countries that are run by corrupt and incompetent socialists. While it may be true in some cases, Europe’s economic powerhouse Germany, is now the fourth strongest economy in the world, Continue Reading

Wilbur Ross on trade: Progress with China is one step forward, one back

How to Get Back the Middle Class in America

dine in seattle a done what’s up all right uh… yet disregard that most talk about just moments before fred not mistaken the president has presidential powers therapeutically given to whom by the previous republican president to ordered execu orders trooper example partly force recovers handles filibustering cosmic gridlock cameras Continue Reading

China state-run media targets Trish Regan, calls Bannon ‘true enemy of America’

Blizzard and Apple Kowtow to China—But Not South Park

It’s not just the NBA It seems everyone is kowtowing to China. Blizzard. Apple. Even Vans. The only one standing up to China seems to be… South Park? Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. The Chinese Communist Party spent the week being very offended. Their public enemy number Continue Reading

Art Laffer: If politicians regulate businesses, we’ll lose capitalism

Shocking Video Shows the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality. Get a Reality Check on the Economy!

there’s a chart asar recently that i can’t get out of my head a harvard business professor and economist passed more than five thousand americans how they thought well was distributed in the united states this is what they said they thought it was dividing the country fireproof groups at Continue Reading

What prevents the poor from reaching the middle class? | VISION TALKS

So 20 years ago — almost 20 years ago, I was working for a small social service non-profit that provided homeless services and housing to homeless families. And that is where I met a woman that I’m going to call Julia. She was a single mother. She had three sons. Continue Reading

Capitalism as we know it is dead: Salesforce co-CEO