Julie Bishop: ‘Populism is on the rise, democracy is in crisis’

Populism is on the rise. Around the world, there are some leaders who see an opportunity for political gain by embracing populist stances. We must question whether policies that are superficially attractive to sections of the community actually have any long-term benefits or are they, in fact, detrimental and history Continue Reading

If Islam Was A White Religion | The Iconoclast

along [Music] ah [Music] if Islam was a white religion things would be different how many times have you been called racist by the left for criticizing Islam I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and assume a lot it doesn’t matter how much you protest or how many Continue Reading

Nigel Farage: EU kills democracy in Greece

I noticed during your speech Mr Barroso there was an all pervading sense of gloom. I saw for the first time, even your supporters shaking their heads, they don’t believe it what you are saying, the European people don’t believe in what you are saying, and I don’t really think Continue Reading

How far-right nationalist Jack Sen was booted out of UKIP – News Live

 Radio presenter Alice Levine spent a week living with British nationalist Jack Sen for Channel 4 documentary Sleeping with the Far Right, which airs tonight  Far right activist Sen was infamously thrown out of UKIP in 2015, just days before he was due to stand as a candidate in the Continue Reading

Hild – Frågor Till Far (2016) // Swedish Nationalist Song (En Subs)

The translation isn’t perfect, I just tried to explain the meaning of the lyrics. Do you remember the times which I’ve never seen? When the people were happy, when the people were one Tell me now father how does it feel today? When you’re sitting in the rabble of what Continue Reading

People want Brexit no matter what the political class say – Nigel Farage MEP

remember all that they don't really savage I know a lot of you are very pleased with the results of the UK general election a new viewer is a victory for the EU let me give you a sense of perspective in the 2015 general election just thirteen percent of Continue Reading

Rising European Nationalism: Will the EU be Changed Forever?

hello and welcome to round table anti European Union populist nationalist parties call them what you will they have been on the march across Europe in recent years and elections in May could see them make more gains is a European Union facing a threat from the inside [Applause] and Continue Reading

The Politics Live Show : Annunziata Rees Mogg & Brexit Party MEP's Should Work For Free

well scout on guys welcome to the video now I know I made a video last night on Newsnight and they're dirty smear attempt on the brexit MEP Brian mod teef regarded the brexit parties mbps turning their back on the EU lullaby sorry I mean anthem now we all Continue Reading

Nigel Farage profile: how his political career started in a pub

Nigel Farage was an argumentative schoolboy an army cadet but after fee-paying dulwich college in south london he went straight into the city as a metal trader he was a low-key not very active Conservative Party member then in October 1990 the government announced the pound will be pegged to Continue Reading