ISIS – summary of the war against Islamic State

At the end of November 2017, it went almost unnoticed that the so-called Islamic State, the terror organization that captivated global attention, lost the last cities it controlled in the Middle East. How did this group succeed, in a matter of months, to control at its peak a territory as Continue Reading

The 7 Churches of Revelation (Ephesus) — Its Background

Today, thousands of people from all over the world come to this ancient city of Ephesus. They come to view the spectacular relics, to buy t-shirts for their grandkids, and little images to the goddess Artemis who was worshiped here 2,000 years ago. But 2,000 years ago people came to Continue Reading

The Girls Who Fled To Syria: Groomed By The Islamic State

Kanaka matsarata Kalka Methuselah love white button was one in my definition life is to be a puzzle the man that’s the goal the goal of your entire life and thinking about our daughter day and night she asking me I don’t want to contact anyone I change my number Continue Reading

It’s a church. It’s a mosque. It’s Hagia Sophia. – Kelly Wall

They say that if walls could talk, each building would have a story to tell, but few would tell so many fascinating stories in so many different voices as the Hagia Sophia, or holy wisdom. Perched at the crossroads of continents and cultures, it has seen massive changes from the Continue Reading

Assyrian Christians: We are against Kurdish region in Syria – (Dutch News)

Those were the Kurds but there are more groups in the Netherlands that are very sympathetic with the events in Syria. For example, the Assyrian community. In the Netherlands lives around 30,000 Assyrian Christians. Mainly in the (Dutch) city of Twente with families in Northern Syria. Thanks to the videos Continue Reading

The Ottoman Disaster – The Battle of Sarikamish I THE GREAT WAR Week 23

Over the past few months we’ve seen battlefronts all over the world, we’ve seen triumphs and disasters, but this week, as the New Year rolls in, we see something we haven’t seen, yet the annihilation of an entire army. I’m Indy Neidell; welcome to the Great War Last week we Continue Reading

Rand Paul – Embracing Honest Capitalism in “The Case Against Socialism” | The Daily Show

Welcome back to The Daily Show. Man, it’s good to be here. I can’t believe more Republicans don’t want to come on. -It’s weird, right? -That must… Must be… -Must hurt you right here. -It-it hurts me so… -(laughs) -You know why? Because more Republicans came to the show than Continue Reading

Democracy or Disruption? | Q&A

(APPLAUSE) A very good evening, and welcome to Q&A. I’m Hamish Macdonald. Here to answer your questions tonight, the executive director of the Ethics Centre, Simon Longstaff, Liberal MP Tim Wilson, who has just returned from the streets of Hong Kong, journalist and researcher at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute Continue Reading

Defending democracy – A joint project with AEI and CAP | VIEWPOINT

Danielle: The right thing to do is to listen, and to understand, and to have respect for those with whom we disagree. Hi, I’m Danielle Pletka. I’m a senior vice-president for foreign and defense policy studies. And I’m really happy to be sitting here with Vikram Singh, who is a Continue Reading