WATCH | House Judiciary Committee debates Trump impeachment articles (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Lindsey Graham Explains Why He Became A Trump Cult Member

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill yesterday, Lindsey Graham admitted a disturbing truth. Lindsey Graham inadvertently told us why he suddenly went from calling Trump a xenophobic racist to suddenly being the leader of the cult of Donald Trump. And this is what Mr. Graham had to say. And he Continue Reading

Can You Trust Mainstream Media?

Good morning John. So, I’m watching a scary thing happen Not just in my country, but with my peers and my friends, this fairly new, I think, sense that all expertise is false that you can’t trust the government or the media or scientists or even charities everything is fake Continue Reading

Dianne Feinstein: ‘There is no Deep State’

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Psychiatrists Warns Congress About Dangers Of Trump’s Declining Mental State

A group of several hundred psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have sent a letter to Congress urging them to include Donald Trump’s cognitive decline in their impeachment inquiry. The group is led by three people, one of them, Dr. Bandy Lee, who we have spoken about at length here Continue Reading