Père Lachaise Cemetery – TRUST ME IN PARIS

Hello! My name is Martín and this is Paris. We are in the northeast part of the city, more specifically in the 20th district of Paris. Today I’m going to take you for a walk in the biggest park of the city. But this is no ordinary park… no water Continue Reading

why we live in mexico and not in the united states

Welcome back all you loyal tangerineys! And if you are new to our channel, My name is Maddie, and I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels. So in our last video, we asked you guys what video you wanted to see next. And overwhelmingly. You picked number three, which is Continue Reading

XENOPHOBIA Snake attack Scatter Church Sunday LiVE Service @christmecyland @prophetjeremiahministry

Welcome to netTVmedia, Youtube.com/netTVmedia This is a LiVE story of how Prophet Jeremiah came Across a Man, who brought a dangerous Cobra Snake to church, and while he was trying to control the snake, he mistakenly got bitten by it, kindly watch the brief video before the full Video. Please Continue Reading

⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Walking Moscow: from Universitet Mt., Lomonosov Moscow State University to Sparrow Hills

Universitet Metro Station Prospekt Vernadskogo (Avenue) Big Moscow Circus The territory of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Lomonosov Moscow State University Universitetskaya Square (Street) Ulitsa Kosygina (Street) Sparrow Hills

The Top 5 States in India | No 1 will surprise | The best state to travel or visit in 2020

What are the top five states in India and what are they known for? India. A nation with a vivid and rich history and heritage. A mystical land where one sixth part of the world’s population lives. There is no other country that is as diverse as India, nor as Continue Reading

10 of the Tiniest Towns in the United States

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs. Let’s talk about some really small towns like count the population using your finger size towns not even your thumbs just your fingers there’s plenty of cities towns and small towns throughout the United States with populations Continue Reading

Ambassador Cornstein’s New Year Remarks

Happy New Year, Hungary! On behalf of the United States, I offer you my warmest wishes for a joyful, safe,and prosperous 2020. The New Year is a good time to reflect before looking forward together. Hungary and the United States have accomplished so much in 2019. Our countries have significantly Continue Reading

Biggest Park In Bucharest | KING MICHAEL I PARK | KING MIHAI PARK | Romania Tourist Places | EP-4

Today i m in a place called King One Mihai Park in Bucharest. This park has a lake and good restaurants that is the reason i have come to explore. Keep watching this video guys, i will cover all those things. I don’t know whether to buy the ticket, i Continue Reading

Cults Live Interview About Their First Show Ever | Musicland

We got the call, we had a sold out show to play. The only problem was we had never played a show before. [LAUGHING] [MUSIC – CULTS, “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”] CULTS: (SINGING) I, I can’t take things slowly. MADELINE FOLLIN: We started making music at home. We thought Continue Reading

[V0515] 長崎2:太田尾川沿い狭路を進みフェリー航路廃止直前の茂木港FTへ