Communist Cars [Kult America]

I’ll never forget the first time I crossed the border into Poland back in the 2000 I felt like I was teleported to a different world. Everything was different! But what stood out the most was that basically every car on the road looked as if it could fall apart Continue Reading

Geography Now! Albania

You know how in high school there’s always like that one little emo kid that just kind of keeps to themselves and sits in the corner? But then about 10 years later at the reunion you find out they actually have a lot of friends and they’re pretty cool. That’s Continue Reading

An Exiled Man’s Return To Prague After Communism

[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, is one of the more heavily trafficked tourist destinations in central Europe. Each year countless visitors walk across the bridge, take pictures of the ornate statues lining the causeway, and move on. But this picture is a little different. It’s Continue Reading

Flag Friday! ETHIOPIA (Geography Now!)

Hey Geograpeeps, welcome to Flag Friday. Today’s episode is gonna be a heavy one, because we’re gonna discuss Ethiopia which has a lot of symbolism, and a lot of backstory behind it. First of all, small minor mistake I made in the episode. This is actually not the President of Continue Reading

Communist Coke and Beat-up Old Vans – Touring Bratislava with Authentic Slovakia

My name is Juro. In English it’s George. We are basically running a company which is called Authentic Slovakia. Our philosophy is to stay off the beaten track which means to go where normal tourists will never ever appear. So this is a Lada. And what are we driving here? Continue Reading

Geography Now! Botswana

Bling bling! Welcome to Diamond Town, Africa! (“Geography Now” opening jingle) It’s time to learn geography…NOW! Hey everybody I’m your host Paul Barbado. If there was ever an African comeback kid, Botswana would definitely fit that title. But first, you know the drill. Let’s dissect the flag. (slot machine noises) Continue Reading


Hey everybody, welcome to day two of Prague and first thing I’m going to do is going to the museum of communism The entrance is just right here and it’s quite ironic that it’s the museum of communism because as you can see, we have a casino on one side Continue Reading

Geography Now! Guinea Bissau

Just be honest: You really don’t know anything about this place, do you? That’s okay. I’m here to pretend like I do, for you. (intro music) It’s time to learn geography NOW! Hey everyone, I’m your host, Barby. All right, last episode, you saw the bigger, French-ier twin, Guinea. Now Continue Reading

Geography Now! LAOS

Lao. It’s pronounced Lao. Not Laossss. Lao, cool? Okay, now we can al-Lao this episode to begin properly. Sorry, I’m just, I’m so used to getting punched or hit or whatever whenever that happens, just um I guess I’m off the hook. Sorry I’m late, traffic was ridiculous out there. Continue Reading

The value of travel | Rick Steves | TEDxRainier

Translator: Natalie Thibault Reviewer: Sarah El_Gayyar Thank you very much. You know, I have spent a third of my adult life living out of a suitcase. And looking back on those 30 years, four months every year of traveling, it occurs to me, it’s really clear that travel, thoughtful travel, Continue Reading