Bulking Up For A More Masculine Appearance & Post Break-Up Confidence Boost | Work It: Eli & Lauren

Mentally, I’ve been there, I know what it is to struggle. But exercise makes me stronger, not just on the outside, but on the inside too. You’re one tough cookie. Breathe out, big push. Bit of fight. What can we do for you? Well, I want a dick. Yo! Yeah. Continue Reading

Join My Cult & Worship Bread | Stef Sanjati

Hello little buns! It is Stef. Welcome back to my home. Although now, it is a church, okay. If you’ve been with me a while, you know, that we are at the breadsquad. I am the bread mom. Ya’ll the little buns. That’s how it’s been for literally two fucking Continue Reading

How A Kid Like Jake challenges beliefs about LGBT children

Jake’s very special he’s always liked doing things his own way we intentionally sort of flip the camera and don’t you know focus on Jake because Jake is four, it felt really important to not put that camera on that kid, to flip that camera to the world because the Continue Reading

Riley Dennis Sounding Like a Cult Preacher (Again)

Intentionally misgendering people is an act of violence. Preacher: I’m here to be trained! Dictionaries are not intended as all-knowing, unchangable rulebooks. Preacher: I’m here for an education! They change and adapt over time as our usage changes. Preacher: I’m willing, God! They’re almost always descriptive rather prescriptive nowadays. Preacher: Continue Reading

LGBT People Share Their Experience Being Rejected By the Church | Tell A Stranger

– Maybe someday you’ll get to the point where you’ll see that I am a person not a sexuality. – Hi. – Hi. – I grew up in a conservative Christian home. I didn’t really actually know, I don’t think any LGBTQ people until high school. I didn’t even really Continue Reading

Reading Religious Hate Comments (ft. Sam)

Ty: whats up my dudes, I am here with my buddy Sam Ty: today we are gonna be reading and reacting to some hateful comments from the religious/Christian community Sam: Are you religious ty turner? Ty: no, not really Sam: so, okay then Ty: I grew up… Sam: then to Continue Reading

Sistagals: Australia's Indigenous Gay and Trans Communities

I feel like I'm a female I don't feel like I'm a man yeah feel like I'm a woman inside of this body yeah but she's trapped inside of this body Laura yeah she's really want to come out to be who you want to be some sister girls do Continue Reading