Is India’s Caste System Still Alive?

India is growing and changing fast, but some traditional views are still in place. Institutions like the caste system have been outlawed, yet caste discrimination and segregation still occurs. The most recent economic data indicated that, in urban areas, a wealth gap of 60% exists between people traditionally from the Continue Reading

Are Solid State Batteries The Perfect Battery?

Batteries suck, you know it, I know it, we all know it and it’s the one thing everyone on Earth can come together and sing about. Will this new technology be the hero we deserve? Hey friends, countrymen, battery haters, this is DNews, I’m Trace. A battery is typically two Continue Reading

Is Being ‘Green’ Finally Trendy?

The environment gets the shaft for sure, but now studies are starting to show that if one person start composting, their neighbors will too… it’s like… an environmentalism arms race! Environmentalism isn’t sexy. We know from other DNews videos that if I say “Global Warming” some of you will perk Continue Reading

Nepal’s Desperate Struggle For Democracy

With the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal claiming thousands of lives, the Nepalese government has admitted that they are “ill-prepared” to deal with rescue efforts. We wanted to examine the political crisis leading up to this natural disaster. So what’s been going on in Nepal? Nepal’s entire history has been Continue Reading

How Far Does Religious Freedom Go?

Indiana is currently in the midst of a national uproar over it’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Major state politicians, LGBT groups, and tech companies have all spoken out against the bill, saying it will lead to discriminations against gays and lesbians in the name of religion. So what’s going on? Continue Reading

Is Islam A Dangerous Religion?

There is violence in the Muslim world, ISIS and Al Qaeda are proof of that, but the media often conflates that to imply that Islam is violent. For example, on his show a while back Bill Maher implied that all Muslims hold “pernicious” beliefs. That was his word: “pernicious”. Which Continue Reading

When Does The US Legally Recognize A Religion?

The first amendment protects our freedom of religion, but it doesn’t say anything about how a group in the US legally goes from being an organization to being a religion. So, how does that work? Well, the short answer is, it doesn’t. There is no actual way for the US Continue Reading

How Should Democracy Really Work?

The term democracy has taken on many different meanings throughout history. Today, the term is so broad that even countries with seemingly undemocratic political structures still call themselves democracies. So then, what is a democracy? Well, simply put, a democracy is a system of governance where everyone IN the group Continue Reading

Why Does The U.S. Love Israel?

Why does the US support Israel? It’s a simple question, but simply stating it as a question can elicit defensive or hostile reactions. Supporters of Israel find the question itself offensive because they see Israel as a democratic nation with a right to their own land and freedoms. So, why Continue Reading

What Is The Patriot Act?

On May 7th, 2015, the Federal Court of Appeals in New York ruled that the National Security Agency’s collection of American phone records in bulk is illegal.  Specifically, they ruled that the practice did not fall under the scope of the USA Patriot Act, which allows wiretapping of individuals to Continue Reading