10 Countries With a Serious FAKE NEWS Problem

Fake news has become something of a hot topic in recent months. So much so that Collins dictionary even announced “fake news” as their word of the year for 2017. The Western democracies can at least boast a comparatively good record when it comes to freedom of the press. Journalists Continue Reading

Top 15 Secret Messages in Famous Songs

15. 99 Luftballons – Nena The 80’s German hit was a catchy jam with an endearing melody, not only in Germany, but everywhere in the world. But, unless you were fluent in German, the hit’s secret meaning went over most people’s heads. The US overlooked much of the German lyrics, Continue Reading

5 Unique Minority Peoples You’ve Never Heard Of

There are minority populations living across the globe. Often times, they are incredible unique, even though they might be in plain view. So in order to lead you down the path of discovery, We bring you 5 unique minorities you’ve never heard of. Many people might believe the Basque people Continue Reading

Top 10 People getting OWNED! 🔥

with the mic getting closer and closer let’s talk about the matching wool okay so this is for you have sore forearms I’m assuming from gaming too much you could talk in the daytime oh yeah you’re quite scintillating scintillating yeah nice define that what’s that define it define what Continue Reading

10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years

Number 10: Spain This may come as a surprise to some, but Spain has been teetering on the verge of collapse since 2008. Spain is currently embroiled in an economic crisis. Spain’s National Debt to GDP ratio is at a dangerous 94%. Meanwhile, 24% of Spanish citizens were unemployed in Continue Reading

The History of Hong Kong

Throughout modern history, world powers have repeatedly fought over this strategically valuable land. Its name means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese, but it could also mean “City of Change.” This is the story of Hong Kong. The first wave of people to arrive in large numbers had fled Genghis Kahn and Continue Reading

Software is eating the world. And it’s only the beginning.

(soft music) – Check out this self-driving truck. These are getting pretty good. Waymo is testing autonomous tractor-trailers in Atlanta right now, and this Einride truck, you can see there isn’t any space for a driver. There’s no deployment plans yet, but when these finally make it on to the Continue Reading

Top 10 Writers Who Disowned Their Own Work

For most writers, there’s a feeling of catharsis that accompanies having a book published. You had something to say, and now it’s out there for the world to view. It may become a bestseller or it might move five copies, all to your mom, but either way, you created something Continue Reading

Top 10 Karl Marx Quotes | Inspirational Quotes | कार्ल मार्क्स प्रसिद्द अनमोल विचार

Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. Marx was most well-known being the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto. “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium Continue Reading

10 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True! – Part 2

– By now, we’ve all heard some crazy conspiracy stories, everything from the government is trying to control your thoughts through flu shots to big brother is able to hear everything that you do through your cell phone, but how many of these conspiracy theories are true? Well, surprisingly, more Continue Reading