Touring Tirana: Vibrant City Center & Nuclear Bunker (Plus Incredible Penthouse Apartment)

Good morning from beautiful Prizren Kosovo. Yeah, we’re sad to leave after only one day here in Kosovo it’s a just a really nice city that we wanted to experience a little bit more of but Our itinerary only has time for one day. And so we are headed on Continue Reading

What if Your Loved Ones’ Betrayal Landed You in Prison? | NBC Left Field

There’s a saying that was popular in Albania under the brutal communist dictatorship: “Even walls have ears,” which really meant you were always being listened to. There’s this game I think we all play some version of. You look down the hall or across the street at your neighbor and Continue Reading

Freiraum Tirana

A society based on social and economic contrasts becomes a burden for the individual so much that certain layers of population have nostalgia for the past and the lack of freedom. Many good things of those times have been ruined, for example the family. I feel freedom in a way Continue Reading

Night of a Regime, the interviews

We started working on the Pyramid in 1985. Part 1 Klement Kolaneci, [1948-2016] architect of the Pyramid It was decided to make a museum for Enver Hoxha. Design and construction took two years and a half, until 1988. I had the idea the day I was given this assignment. Coming Continue Reading

The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

We all have bad ideas. I certainly have them all the time, as I believe this series is a testament to. And I bet that you do too. I certainly hope you think you do. Because ironically, feeling that you have bad ideas is usually a pretty clear sign of Continue Reading