Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Don’t Trust the Blue

Burnie: So we got…….uh This was my 21 birthday I don’t remember this at all Uhmmm We did a really dumb thing when we were younger We did a really dumb thing And we ran out on a bar bill And its like… The next day I would’ve gone back Continue Reading

5 Common Habits That Will Kill Your Confidence

Every single day, we do something that are fantastic for our confidence and we do others that aren’t so good — they drag it down and destroy it. The problem is we can’t always tell which of those is which. And that’s why in this video, I want to show Continue Reading

Confidence As a Photographer – Mike Browne

someone sent me an email a few weeks ago asking can an introvert become a good photographer I’m not gonna name this person, let’s just call him john smith. well this series of photography they’re about exactly this kind of thing. It’s about finding confidence in yourself your abilities and Continue Reading

5 Common Phrases That Show You Lack Confidence

sometimes we all say things unfortunately that can make people judge us negatively and in this video I want to talk about things that make you come across as lacking in confidence because these phrases are arrogant as you may know it’s the most arrogant people who are oftentimes the Continue Reading

Random Acts of Kindness List

HOI4 France Random Ideologies Gameplay | Let's Play Hearts of Iron 4 French Commune Episode 14