How to Get Back the Middle Class in America

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Middle Class Decline – Reagan

that it’s going to come as an incredible shot to most americans that were not the richest nation in the world on america likes to think of itself is the richest nation on the planet in space they considered common knowledge a which countries they register america cars three or Continue Reading

The “Big Lie” About America’s Middle Class

but first it now are trying to sell it or are not going to write a seven-hour colours that when you look at the thirty-four richest countries in the world the organization economic cooperation of all the deal e_c_ countries and you look at the relative well of their middle Continue Reading

How the Rich Screwed the Middle Class

enough to understand the plight of the american middle class the day you have to understand that an actual crime has taken place middle-class isn’t dying today because of a random financial crisis in two thousand seven you know maybe george bush had something to do with it rear-ended deep Continue Reading

Caller: I Disagree With Your Definition of a Capitalist

David in Montcoal to: Washington a David what’s up David of you’re on the air sir at thanks for taking my call well I I think you are a few weeks ago maybe you were asking the question as to what a capitalist was for is capless is anyone that Continue Reading

Caller: Can You Explain how the Fire Department is Socialist?

Alex in Santa Cruz California hey Alex what’s up hey Tom good morning morning on I’m a firefighter my life is a public school teacher and it I’ve caught my attention is the fire department as a socialist station stand backed that it’s just me and also just using medicare’s Continue Reading

Why Socialism?

we had a call earlier who shared feinstein with us me to share this with you we’d we dug it out during the break is may have 1949 it was from the monthly review and aids by Albert Einstein yeah that guy the title is why socialism he says in Continue Reading

Capitalism, Democracy and the Commons – Harris Kenny

so tha yet what is the appropriate role of government versus the private sector where does the commons begin and and here’s kenny is a policy analyst with the reason foundation uh… reason dot org is their website and the color of their annual privatization report paris welcome the program Continue Reading

Dear Peter…Americans ARE socialists!

the president has just laid out his economic vision for america offered a deal to the republicans are cut corporate tax rates if you’re close corporate tax loopholes very interesting stuff Peter Ferreira for RI has been writing about President Obama over at four biz dot com be here peter Continue Reading

Boeing Crisis Reveals How Capitalism Sells Your Safety

So we learned today that Boeing knew that there were some safety problems with their new redesigned Max planes. The 737 Max is the 700 800 900 earlier. And they came up with some instrumentation that would actually detect the problems that they had built into the system essentially. But Continue Reading