HUGE LUXURY MAKEUP HAUL 2019 | £500 Worth of Makeup | Cult Beauty USA Goody Bag / Cult Beauty Haul

hi guys my name is Anyeka Jamal and welcome to my channel so today we’re doing a little horror for you guys it’s like a huge makeup haul called Beauty usually do this goodie bag every year so you have to spend a certain amount of money so this year Continue Reading

Trust in Divine Timing

Hi everybody, it’s Herbie. Welcome to another edition of IT, Inspirational Therapy. Now today we’re going to be talking about Divine Timing. Have you ever been frustrated that your dreams aren’t coming true? You’ve been working so hard just to find that perfect job, or to find your soulmate, and Continue Reading

Taiwanese Fried Chicken the Size of Your Head at Hot-Star — Cult Following

So where we going today? Today, we are going to Hot-Star in Pasadena for some chicken cutlets. Hot-Star came out of Shilin Night Market in Taipei. This is the– the food in Shilin Market, so. – [Melody] The food. – [Woman] Like, if anyone’s coming here, they need to have Continue Reading

Putin Smiles At Two Girls During A Midnight Liturgy In The Church Where He Was Baptized As A Baby

On Christmas night, Vladimir Putin visited the Transfiguration Cathedral in St. Petersburg. This is tradition, the president spends Christmas for the third time exactly at the church where he was baptized. After the service, he addressed the congregation with congratulations. Salima Zarif reports on Chrismas night in St. Petersburg Believers Continue Reading

US Christian Cults That Encourage To Not Use Medicine

I never kiss them no, at least I kissed this grave, I guess. And this isn’t just me, this happens today. This happens other places, other churches. Still ongoing. I don’t think it didn’t work. Ok can you expain that? -Yeah, because I think it was her time to go. Continue Reading

You Have To Move Forward | Steven Furtick

one of the reasons that transition is so hard in your life is because everybody lost something in this last year it could be a friendship many people lost a job this year everybody with money in the stock market lost some of that this year hello hello and some Continue Reading

Why Should We Trust An AI? | Two Minute Papers #233

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Through over 200 episodes of this series, we talked about many learning-based algorithms that are able to solve problems that previously seemed completely impossible. They can look at an image and describe what they depict in a sentence, or Continue Reading

AD FS Configuring a Relying Party Trust Windows Server 2012

In this video from ITFreeTraining, I will be creating a relying party trust between the ITFreeTraining Federation Server and the HighCostTraining Federation Server. This trust is created on the ITFreeTraining side. I will now change to my computer running Windows Server 2012 and get started. The initial install of Active Continue Reading

Lec 3 | MIT 3.091SC Introduction to Solid State Chemistry, Fall 2010

The following content is provided under a Creative Commons license. Your support will help MIT OpenCourseWare continue to offer high-quality educational resources for free. To make a donation or view additional materials from hundreds of MIT courses, visit MIT OpenCourseWare at PROFESSOR: Time to learn. Time to get back Continue Reading