“Are you going to stand when culture disagrees with you or are you going to run?”

What foundation have you built your life actually on? Are you trying to be a mom? Are you trying to be a businessman? Are you trying to be funny? Are you trying to be smart? All of this is about the foundations, and what happens is God, through this Psalm, Continue Reading

Nba Youngboy x Lil Baby Type Beat “Belief” – Rap Piano Instrumental



One year ago, units across USAFE-AFAFRICA implemented Operation GRIT. Since that point, Airmen at all levels have engaged in meaningful conversations about the things that matter most to us. Our nation needs us to be ready to fight when called upon. That takes a lethal, resilient Airman ready to face Continue Reading

Père Lachaise Cemetery – TRUST ME IN PARIS

Hello! My name is Martín and this is Paris. We are in the northeast part of the city, more specifically in the 20th district of Paris. Today I’m going to take you for a walk in the biggest park of the city. But this is no ordinary park… no water Continue Reading

Rhian asks Corazon to trust her | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Ethan! Jessie. What’s wrong? I think we need to follow Tita Corazon. Let’s go. Okay. Thank you. The intel is still following Mama. What happened? Where did she go? Just keep driving. Hurry up! I’m worried about Mama. I don’t want her to get in trouble. I understand, Jessie, but Continue Reading

Secret Abandoned Church Found In Ancient Monastery – Urbex Lost Places Italy

Previously on Broken Window Theory: During our Italy adventure we discovered the most sinister place we have ever explored. This former mental hospital is a true place of horror. Patients were imprisoned, hidden away from society and tortured. And what’s even worse: Even orphan children were doomed to grow up Continue Reading

SZA Reveals What Advice She Would Give to Her Younger Self: ‘Trust Yourself’ | Billboard

– Hi, I’m SZA and you’re watching Billboard. (giggles) Hi, I’m SZA and you’re watching Billboard. (upbeat music) Okay. This is like my 11th birthday party and I received a Bath and Body Works set and I was really, really hype because I felt like, you know, cool girls smell Continue Reading

Qing Wen: How to Use 了: Change of State [2/3] | Elementary Lesson | ChinesePod

Hi everyone! Welcome to ChinesePod. My name is Fiona. 我是方瑾 Welcome back to part two of our 请问 on “了” In this particular segment we’re dealing with the change of state “了”. Now I bet you’re so sick of us saying “well this is the change of state 了”, what Continue Reading

Confidence Intervals in SPSS – One Sample t Test

What I’d like to do in this video is talk a little bit about this 95% confidence interval of the difference, which can be another way to assess the significance of the (t) test. First of all, notice that there was a six point three three-point mean difference between the Continue Reading

This TRICK Finds HIDDEN Beliefs That Block Manifestation! (Powerful Law of Attraction Exercise!)