Israelis: Why wasn’t the Jewish state established in Uganda?

Canaan and Hannah Rehovot Why did they establish the Jewish state here and not in Europe, Africa or South America? Because that was what was promised Who promised? In the Torah That’s why? Yes Do you agree? – Completely agree I have the same opinion as my husband Chen Holon Continue Reading

Born Warriors – Wayne State University

Some people are born warriors. Something drives them forward. Past any obstacle. Toward something bigger. Maybe they weren’t born with a silver spoon, but they were born with a purpose. At Wayne State University, we take this drive and turn it into so much more. So they can become Warrior Continue Reading

Palestinians: Can a Zionist also support a Palestinian state?

Can someone be a Zionist and still believe in a two state solution? Saib Tul Karem About Jews, there is no problem if he is Jewish but with Zionists Of course In his mind there is a lot of problems in his mind he thinks he can do anything He Continue Reading

Comrade X (1940) Towarzysz X multi subtitles

Comrade X Hello, baby. I don’t like to stand here bothering you like this when you’re so busy, golubka, but I want to talk to you. My name is theodore. You don’t look like theodore to me. I was named at the workers’ council. Somebody didn’t have his glasses on. Continue Reading

Find Your Creative Flow State

[MUSIC PLAYING] One of the most interesting phenomenons of human beings is our creativity, right? I mean our ability to transform the world, our ability to imagine new possibilities, our ability to probe the perimeters of possibility, remix the present to see into the adjacent possible, which Steven Johnson refers Continue Reading

What Do Cynical People Really Want?

In certain quarters, cynicism has a distinct kind of glamour. It sounds pretty tough not to have too many hopes, and to claim to be able to see through the dreams of others. Cynics will tell you that everyone is selfish and weak, that the system is rigged and driven Continue Reading

How to Cope With an Avoidant Partner

There are, for many of us, few people as attractive as the avoidant; the sort that are permanently a little mysterious; who don’t speak so much; around whom one never quite knows where one is; in whose eyes there is a faraway look, and perhaps a certain melancholy too; in Continue Reading