Dream Daddy – The Cult Symbol REVEALED! (Theory) | SwankyBox

Call Kirk Dooooouuuuuugggllllaaaaaassss Oh Maple Bay… You sounded like quite the nice sea-side town. But now that we know something dark is afoot, or at least potentially afoot, my outlook on you has changed. In the last video we basically covered things a to z in the hidden cult ending Continue Reading

What is the Finders Cult?

Belief In Evolution – Republicans vs Democrats

popular opinion on evolution is changing among republicans and when you really look at the specific numbers it’s kinda kinda shocking but for anyone who’s been paying very close attention to the republican party it’s not bad shocking so %uh the believe in evolution is experiencing a decline among republicans Continue Reading

The Science of Limiting Beliefs | Crystal Dilworth on Impact Theory

Crystal: You never really know who we would have been if we had made one different decision way back there in our childhood, but because of the way the brain develops, we are more emotionally susceptible to the experiences that we have early on in life than we are later Continue Reading

Is the middle class disappearing?

The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

– So, here we are, the road to Ohio State Reformatory. – Another prison for the boys. They’re openin’ up the prison for us. – We’re here to find some ghosts, and this looks like a place we’ll find them. (howl) (eerie music) ^This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved we investigate Continue Reading

The Captive Spirits Of Eastern State Penitentiary

(spooky dramatic music) – [Shane] Here we are, it’s like a slumber party. – [Ryan] No. (tapping) (squeaking) Is somebody down here? (wolf howling) (lightning striking) – This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved, we investigate Eastern State Penitentiary as part of our ongoing investigation into the question, are ghosts real? Back Continue Reading

Eastern State Penitentiary – Q+A

– Hello and welcome to another edition of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem. A show where we answer your most pressing questions about the most recent episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, which was Eastern State Penitentiary. All the questions that were answered today came from you guys via our Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page Continue Reading

Question: Are You More Socialist Than Obama?

taking your audience questions two ways to submit your questions go to our website david pacman dot com click on contact us and in your question or caller voicemail line two one nine two david p here’s an imail question from brand and brand says you’ve given a lot of Continue Reading

Socialist Games Reviews: Neocolonialism

Even from the developer logo, we get the impression that Neocolonialism might explore economic issues in a slightly more mature way than our last outing. For once we have a game that actually could sort of be described as an example of cultural marxism, albeit the neo or post-marxism inspired Continue Reading