Scientology Beliefs and Practices: The Reactive Mind

[♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] NARRATOR: As you go through life, your mind records everything that happens to you. Every experience you’ve ever had, from the beginning of your existence until this very moment. These experiences are stored as pictures in your Analytical Mind, the conscious part of your mind that Continue Reading

We won BIG at the Florida State Fair Carnival Games!

– Hey guys, today we’re at the greatest carnival on the planet. – Yeah, we’re at the Florida State Fair. – We are at the Florida State Fair. What do we do at the Florida State Fair? – Play carnival games! – And hopefully win stuff. – Yes. – Last Continue Reading

Scientology Beliefs and Practices: Creed of the Church

[♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] We of the Church believe That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights. That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance. That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives. That all men Continue Reading

A hiedelmek természete: Csányi Vilmos at TEDxDanubia 2011

Translator: Péter Pallós Reviewer: Zsuzsanna Lőrincz I want to talk about a specific issue, but before I start off and make this clear, we must make some other things clear. First of all we need to understand that the one thing that sets humans apart from animals is that they Continue Reading

Patrick Khodorenko | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Hockey

(upbeat music) – [Reporter] Young man from California. It’s a young man with a lot of talent. – [Reporter] Talk about potential, he’s the guy that certainly has a lot. – [Announcer] Tic-tac-toe passings, (crowd shouting) Score! (hooting) Khodorenko! – [Announcer] 90 seconds left in the power play Khodorenko! (crowd Continue Reading

State of the (Dis)Union with Robert Reich

An impeached president on trial and up for re-election will be delivering a state of the union address to the most divided union in living memory. He’ll be giving his address to both his jurors and prosecutors, and most importantly, to the voters that will decide his fate in November. Continue Reading

How to be confident in a job interview (4 things you can do right now)

hey there in this video you’ll learn four things you can do right now to set yourself apart and become confident in your next interview I’m Natalie Fisher I’m a speaker and I help new graduates people who have been out of college or university for a couple of years Continue Reading

Shubharambh – 11th February 2020 – शुभारंभ – Full Episode

Good that everything was kept in the storeroom. Otherwise I’d have to buy all the materials again. Raja, you keep the store’s keys with you, right? No. Hitank keeps the store keys along with the house keys. So I took it from there. I will keep it back in the Continue Reading

Secret Abandoned Church Found In Ancient Monastery – Urbex Lost Places Italy

Previously on Broken Window Theory: During our Italy adventure we discovered the most sinister place we have ever explored. This former mental hospital is a true place of horror. Patients were imprisoned, hidden away from society and tortured. And what’s even worse: Even orphan children were doomed to grow up Continue Reading