The Loneliest Country In The World

It’s not the size that matters, and with countries, that is often the case. Some of the least populated countries in the world are also the wealthiest in terms of personal wealth and gross national product. And some of the larger nations have problems equally as huge to address. Some Continue Reading

Secret US Plan To Crush North Korea

Despite summits between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and the United States’ President Trump, tensions on the Korean peninsula remain markedly high. During his meetings with President Trump, Kim Jong Un promised to stop, or at least heavily curtail, his nation’s nuclear program, and yet American intelligence agencies have extensive Continue Reading

Terrifying Story Of Joseph Stalin’s Rise to Power

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Why War With China Will Get You Drafted

The date is July, 2019, and rumors of a military buildup of Chinese forces across the strait from Taiwan begin to leak to the international press. As the fourth of July is celebrated here at home, thousands of miles away Taiwan begins to move their command and control functions into Continue Reading

What Caused the Catastrophic Nuclear Accident in Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is a city in the Ukraine located about 56 miles (90 kilometers) northeast of the capital, Kiev. Prior to the disaster and a subsequent evacuation, it was home to around 14,000 people. At that time, it was still part of the Soviet Union. The city was the location of Continue Reading

The History of Hong Kong

Throughout modern history, world powers have repeatedly fought over this strategically valuable land. Its name means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese, but it could also mean “City of Change.” This is the story of Hong Kong. The first wave of people to arrive in large numbers had fled Genghis Kahn and Continue Reading

FBI vs CIA – How Do They Compare?

You may not know the ins and outs of these two American agencies, but there is little doubt you haven’t spent a significant amount of time enthralled by their actions, whether that is through the news media, documentary film, or regular old Hollywood films. Both are, to some extent, shrouded Continue Reading

How Do North Koreans See America?

With a closed media and a fierce propaganda program, North Korea might be considered to be a nation gripped in fear of the outside world. But what do these people think about the outside world, and in particular the USA? Relations have been tense between the two nations since the Continue Reading

50 Insane Facts About Vietnam War You Didn’t Know

East vs West, Democracy vs Communism, USA vs the Soviet Union- unfortunately for the residents of Vietnam they would become the casualties of a struggle far greater than themselves as two superpowers jockeyed for global domination, with their nation as one of countless proxy battlefields. How much do you really Continue Reading

British MI6 vs US CIA – What’s the Difference and How Do They Compare?

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