Donald Trump tells UN ‘future belongs to patriots not globalists’

The truth is plain to see: if you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first. The future does Continue Reading

Socialism is coming | Owen Jones talks

Socialism is coming. Our old social order is collapsing all around us. Call it neo-liberalism, call it free market fundamentalism but an order of privatisation, of deregulation, of weakened trade unions, of low taxes on the rich and big business – that order is falling apart all around us. It Continue Reading

Vampire Capitalism

everyone can see we're living through an exciting but dangerous time certainly Trump's electoral victory and the rise of populist movements in Europe Turkey and elsewhere pointed deepening political divisions many people worry that we are returning to the in economic nationalism xenophobia and enclosed borders of the 1930s with Continue Reading