US-China Trade War & Hong Kong Protests Expose China’s Critical Weaknesses—Steven Mosher

what’s really behind the Hong Kong protest where an estimated two million people took to the streets on June 16th almost one-third of the population what do the people of Hong Kong actually have to lose and how does this unprecedented public outcry relate to the us-china trade war and Continue Reading

Over 700 People Arrested By Hong Kong Police Since Protests Started

 Over 700 people have been arrested in connection with the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and many of them are underage  A 14-year-old female student, surnamed Chan, told local media that she was not even a protester but was arrested for merely passing near a police station at Tin Shui Continue Reading

Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas Amid Cat-and-Mouse Chases with Protesters

 Hong Kong police fired rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters before confrontations descended into a cat-and-mouse chase with demonstrators on Aug 10.  Now in its tenth week of protests against an extradition bill, Hong Kong is facing its biggest political crisis in decades, posing a serious challenge to the Continue Reading

Antifa Origin Exposed: Spawn of Russian Communism

Hello and welcome, I’m Gina Shakespeare. On this episode of Declassified, we unearth the communist origins of the Antifa extremist group and learned how it began as part of a program financed by the Soviet Union through the Communist Party of Germany and acted to label all political positions other Continue Reading

Communists Detail Plans to Subvert Democratic Party

Hello and welcome to Declassified, I’m your host, Gina Shakespeare. In this episode, how 57,000 Socialists and Communists Plan to Take Over the Democratic Party. Just before we get underway, please feel free to subscribe, like and hit the notifications button, that way you won’t miss out on any upcoming Continue Reading

On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare & Hong Kong—Joshua Philipp

just how does communist ideology manifest in the current political landscape how did Marx and his followers endeavor to rewrite history what are some of the major misconceptions people have about socialism and communism and the end results of these ideologies what are the origins of antiva and what is Continue Reading

'Socialism is the Enemy of Freedom’—Southern Seminary’s Dr. Albert Mohler [WCS Special]

albert Mohler wonderful to have you on american thought-leaders good to be with you thank you so you know what a big topic that you talked about and is also very important to the epoch times truth and tradition is our motto is traditional values and traditional American values and Continue Reading