Pourquoi les religions dites révélées sont-elles un frein à l’émergence du continent africain ?

Why are so-called revealed religions a hindrance to the emergence of the African continent? To answer this question, we must first define what is the meaning of the word “religion”. The term “religion” comes from the Latin “religio” which means “worshiping a superior entity that is thought to be divine”. Continue Reading

Capitalism v. Cronyism: What’s the True Cost of a Tesla?

Tesla is not only a beautiful vehicle, it creates value for consumers. It’s also a beautiful illustration of the problem of favoritism in crony capitalism. And the problem here is that for every bit of value that Tesla manages to create for consumers, it creates an enormous amount of value Continue Reading

Woke Disney

“Let’s get ready for Dumbo!” Twice. They do it twice. “Let’s get ready for Dumbo!” In the last couple of decades, there’s been this trend of family films being self-aware and trope-savvy, as if to say: yes, parents in the room, we know that you have to endure this, but Continue Reading

Are Drugs GOOD For You? (Kirby + Aldous Huxley) – 8-Bit Philosophy

Smack, dope, speed, crank, ice, bars, brown, benzos, uppers, downers and in-between-ers As former Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary so candidly said: “Turn on, Tune in, drop out.” But years before Hunter S. Thompson took a trip to Vegas full of fear and loathing— English writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley wrote Continue Reading

Socialism is the Future

wife’s so really interesting a thing happening in the Seattle arm I think we’ve mentioned on the better half for the program I am Chem champion I think may have the her first point this out to us but the the a woman running for I am City Council under Continue Reading

Republican Newspaper Freaks Out After AOC Gets A Haircut

Well folks, two very brave journalists from the Washington times have uncovered the scoop of the century that is absolutely going to destroy the career, nay. The life of representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they have somehow done the digging, made the phone calls, and they have uncovered the biggest scandal Continue Reading

Unity of Religion: How Do We Talk About It? – Full Video

The following study is going to be an exploration of some of the quotes from the Baha’i Writings related to the Unity of Religion. In this study, we’re going to try and take a look at how we can begin to see these apparently disparate Faiths, like Christianity, or Islam, Continue Reading

Why Do We ❤️ SERIAL KILLERS!? – 8-Bit Philosophy

Have you heard the news, dear viewer? It’s horrible—they just caught the Killer Clown of Charlotte and found the bones of 47 people buried under his bungalow. And it seems he didn’t just strangle his victims, as the early cases suggested. He had moved on to feasting on their bodies. Continue Reading

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Alienation – Part 1

This is David Harvey and you’re listening to the Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, a podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens. This podcast is made possible by Democracy at Work So for this week’s topic I want to take up the question of alienation. Now alienation is a concept that Continue Reading