Christianity, The worst religion instituted by men!

Hello, all of you. Well,people, i’m going to do a bit more reflexive video What you are seeing even shocks people Christianity: the worst religion instituted by men When I pick this theme, I’m not referring to the “person of Jesus” Nor “person of Christ” – which is a Greek Continue Reading

5 Most Amazing Religious Structures In The World

5 Most Amazing Religious Structures In The World Do you know that most religions claim to adhere to principles of poverty? We totally understand that shocked look on your face, after all, some of the most magnificent structures in the history of world architecture are religious houses! Since we have Continue Reading

Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike (Official Music Video)

(“Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog) ♪ Well I don’t mind stealin’ bread ♪ ♪ From the mouths of decadence ♪ ♪ But I can’t feed on the powerless ♪ ♪ When my cup’s already overfilled ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ But it’s on the table, the fire’s cookin’ Continue Reading

Why is Religion so Often a Source of Conflict?

such a sad reality the basis of every religion is to love God with all your heart mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself and ultimately everyone is our neighbor the shrimad bhagwat tells that the greatest service that gives pleasure to God is to show compassion to Continue Reading

Religious Israelis: Do you want to build the Jerusalem Third Temple?

Eran Immanuel (West Bank settlement) Should Jews build the third temple today? Today? According to the prophecy the Holy One, blessed be He is supposed to bring down the temple, built of fire, from the heavens So the Jews don’t need to do it? The Jews need to fix what Continue Reading

Nepal’s Desperate Struggle For Democracy

With the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal claiming thousands of lives, the Nepalese government has admitted that they are “ill-prepared” to deal with rescue efforts. We wanted to examine the political crisis leading up to this natural disaster. So what’s been going on in Nepal? Nepal’s entire history has been Continue Reading

Hinduism – World’s Oldest Religion Explained – Origins, Beliefs, Facts

Top 5 Wealthiest Religious Organizations In The World

Top 5 Richest Religions in the World Hi lovely people! Today we are discussing about the financial status of some of the biggest religions of the world. No matter in which part of the world you live in or the kind of lifestyle you follow, religion is a common string Continue Reading

Discovering Religion: Ep 02 – Young Earth

This once proud motto embodied America’s unique role as the melting pot of the world, a beacon of hope and prosperity that allowed anyone, without restriction to culture, race or religion, to enter a land of opportunity in search of the “American Dream”. However, over the last few decades with Continue Reading