Self Trust vs Independence – Teal Swan

♪ Intro Music ♪ Hello there … All of our relationships are a reflection of our relationship with ourself. The way we feel in our relationships are a reflection of the way we feel in the relationship with ourselves. Many Self-Help Gurus and Spiritual Teachers have taught their disciples this Continue Reading

Going For What You Want – (Finding a Core Belief) – Teal Swan Synchronization Workshop

He: So Teal, T: Hi He: you’re awesome, but I’m sure you hear that all the time. So my question is, um, when I talk to people, and that was pretty good too, but, when I talk to people… I can see… like… try to connect with them and I Continue Reading

How To Trust Yourself -Teal Swan-

How To Trust Yourself Hello everyone. Today I’m gonna to talk to you about self trust. Most of all, I’m going to teach you how to trust yourself. Self trust can be summed up as the assured reliance on your character, ability, strength and truth. Most of us have spent Continue Reading

Using Orgasm to Change a Belief – Teal Swan –

How to Find a Core Belief – Teal Swan-

How to Find a Core Belief Hello there. We are creators. We are extensions of what we call God or Source. As such, we are creating our collective reality as well as our lives with the thoughts that we think every single day. Even if you don’t believe that your Continue Reading

I Can’t Trust The Universe (I Feel Like God is Against Me) – Teal Swan-

I Can’t Trust The Universe (I Feel Like God is Against Me) Hello there. The art of surrender is one of the cornerstones of spiritual practice. You may have heard of it put this way: “Let go and let God.” or “Leave it with the stars”. Basically, it’s the idea Continue Reading

How to Change a Belief – Teal Swan

How to Change a Belief In India, elephant keepers tie their baby elephants up to giant stumps of trees which, at the time, they are too small to move. But as the elephants developed, to the point where they’re strong enough to move those big trunks of wood without even Continue Reading

11:11 What is the Meaning of 11:11 And Why Do I Keep Seeing 11:11? – Teal Swan

Faith – Teal Swan

♪ Intro Music ♪ To have Faith is to have positive confidence or trust in something. It’s a belief that something is true even without proof. But then the question stands – How does one have confidence, or trust in something, without the evidence to back up that confidence and Continue Reading