$200k to $250k = Middle Class?

mit romney has been saying that he’s in favor of helping the middle class so he was on good morning america on friday an answer by what do you think is a middle class interstate the the fundamentals of my tax policy of these number one reduced tax burdens on Continue Reading

Crazy Graphs: Rich Vs Middle Class & Poor

republicans always made the claim that we have a rising tide lifts all boats trickle-down economics don’t wait leap years that we’re giving gigantic access to the rich by delegates we get the arrest our way to go on uh… i so that’s that’s what you say uh… well we Continue Reading

How to file California state taxes (for FREE!) | How to | GBR

Hey everyone, it’s Casey, Editor of GoBankingRates.com. It’s no secret that I am a serious procrastinator so of course that means I haven’t done my taxes yet. But, I figure I can’t be the only person who hasn’t done my taxes so I’m gonna walk you guys through the tax Continue Reading

501c3 Churches

Now, the part of the chapter that I’d like to focus on there is beginning in verse number 24 where the Bible reads, and when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter and said, “Doth not your master pay tribute?” He saith, “Yes,” and Continue Reading

Class Warfare – Top 1% vs You

john mccain goes on fox and sunny with chris wallace is good for about class warfare i’ve found that interesting let’s go to put number three i hope that they’ll do payroll tax cut but the first time the first thing we need to do is extended media the tax Continue Reading

Social Security – Robbing The Middle Class

i get questions all the time about social security died i got emails from two of you today on this issue i was re-engage thank you for writing in guys animals pass roughly the same thing happy social security have a two point five trillion dollar surplus viet everyone says Continue Reading

The Rich in America: Power, Control, Wealth and the Elite Upper Class in the United States

Nate Phelps, Son of God Hates Fags Westboro Baptist Church, Reveals All Part 1 of 2

David Pakman: OK, we’re speaking with Nate Phelps, who is the estranged son of Fred Phelps, of course of Westboro Baptist Church fame. Nate, thanks for joining us today. Nate Phelps: My pleasure, Dave. David: So give us the background. I mean, I’m fascinated to be walked through this. You Continue Reading

2. Absolutism and the State

Prof: So, what I want to do today–again, this is a parallel holding pattern lecture. I’m going to talk about absolute rule. This parallels what you’re reading. It’s just to make clear, with some emphasis, about the importance of the development of absolute rule. Now, one of the points I Continue Reading