Payments from RDSPs & Henson Trusts

I’m often asked by my estate planning parents how to synchronize the use of the child’s RDSP and the Henson trust in their will the first thing to remember is that the registered disability savings plan is the property of the child it is not like in RESP which would Continue Reading

Are Trust Distributions Taxable?

Hi. Lee Phillips here. I guess you’re familiar with me now I’m a lawyer. Don’t hold that against me. K? I want to talk about when a beneficiary of a living revocable trust or even an irrevocable trust gets a distribution from the trust The question is is that taxable? Continue Reading

The Power Of The Charitable Remainder Trust | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip

Hi mark Kohler here, and I want to talk about the charitable remainder trust or CRT now I’m going to give you the general vanilla version, and this is a huge topic to do in a short tip But I want to give you enough information to know what they’re Continue Reading

Do You Need a Revocable Living Trust? | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip

Hi Mark Kohler here with another tax and legal tip I want to talk about for triggering events that might indicate you need to get a Trust a revocable living trust a family trust as part of your state plan rather than just relying on a basic will number one Continue Reading

Top 10 Tax Friendly States

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs did you know that people like to save their money? And for some reason people like to pay less for things than they normally would also it’s really strange now if your normal person that’s a no-brainer Continue Reading

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Fundamentals

Hello Neel Shah from law office of Shah & Associates and I’m very excited about the meetings to discuss your personal statement. I often tell clients, advisers or any referral source that the real goal of estate planning is to really get to two major variables its this is what Continue Reading

What is the Dynasty Trust? | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip

Hi mark Kohler here, and I want to talk to you about the dynasty trust now as an attorney I’ve drafted a lot of trust for clients over the years and the dynasty trust is a fun one It’s a unique one where our law firm over the last 15 Continue Reading

$200k to $250k = Middle Class?

mit romney has been saying that he’s in favor of helping the middle class so he was on good morning america on friday an answer by what do you think is a middle class interstate the the fundamentals of my tax policy of these number one reduced tax burdens on Continue Reading

Crazy Graphs: Rich Vs Middle Class & Poor

republicans always made the claim that we have a rising tide lifts all boats trickle-down economics don’t wait leap years that we’re giving gigantic access to the rich by delegates we get the arrest our way to go on uh… i so that’s that’s what you say uh… well we Continue Reading