From ISIS to the Islamic State: Inside the Caliphate (Trailer)

Which Countries Hate The United States?

After years of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States, tensions have soared to a new high. Both countries hold extremely negative views of each other. Iranian leaders are even known to chant “Death to America” in their public addresses. However, some countries have even less favorable views of Continue Reading

Over By Christmas? – Growing Allied Confidence I THE GREAT WAR Week 213

You launch a series of stunningly successful offensives over a period of months, and yet, when they’re over you find yourself in a worse position then when you started. How can that be? Let’s take a look. I’m Indy Neidell; welcome to the Great War. Last week, the Battle of Continue Reading

Syrian Kurds open first Church in Kobani, Aleppo (Subtitle)

SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU I am Jinar Hikmat Ali. I am from a village of Kafr Jana near Afrin. My parents are also from Kafr Jana. We were living in Afrin, and before the Continue Reading

Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State

ISIS – summary of the war against Islamic State

At the end of November 2017, it went almost unnoticed that the so-called Islamic State, the terror organization that captivated global attention, lost the last cities it controlled in the Middle East. How did this group succeed, in a matter of months, to control at its peak a territory as Continue Reading

VICE Special Report: A World in Disarray

(chanting in foreign language) ♪ ♪ Newswoman: North Korea claiming it’s now within striking range of the US and can put nuclear warheads on this missile. Newsman: Syria’s cease-fire is in tatters. The latest– an air strike on an opposition hospital in Aleppo. (shields clanking) Newswoman 2: Ukraine is where Continue Reading

Japan vs. The Islamic State