Tips For Beginner Swimmers | Improve Your Swimming Confidence

– We’re taking things back to basics today and looking at the very beginnings of how to swim. And I’m going to be making no presumptions here, so we’re going to include the basics of what you might need, how to get into the pool and how to get started Continue Reading

Urban Legends That Won’t Die

Much like the Mighty Phoenix, some urban legends just wont die. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – Welcome back, mythical beasts! – (laughs) – It’s season seven! – I am– – That’s a prime number! I am so glad to be back, and Continue Reading

How to Build Confidence in Sports – Craig Sigl

Improve Your Open Water Confidence | 8 Beginner Swimming Tips For Triathletes

– It’s amazing how many athletes, and even strong swimmers are scared of the open water. But I have to admit, I was one of those. Overcoming your fears will actually improve your overall triathlon performance. So, we’ve put together eight tips that will make you more confident in the Continue Reading

Guadalupe River State Park, Texas [Official]

[sounds of running river] Guadalupe River State Park was created to provide river access to the public. What’s so unusual about this park is we’re very close to San Antonio. We’re just 30 miles. We’re very close to Austin, just an hour and a half south. And yet, you can Continue Reading

Balmorhea State Park, Texas [Official]

[wind] [music] In the stark, arid landscape of West Texas there’s a surprising oasis of green and blue. Just outside the town of Balmorhea, a unique spring brings life to the desert. [kids playing] It also creates one of the best spots in Texas to go for a swim. San Continue Reading

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Texas [Official]

[music] We have thousands upon thousands of people come out here in the Fall to come see the foliage change. Some years it’s just absolutely gorgeous with the color change. In a state where much of the landscape remains the same year-round, the change of seasons at Lost Maples State Continue Reading

Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] [birds] This is about as good as you get in the hill country. [music] I am Bill McDaniel, Park Superintendent, Pedernales Falls State Park. This park is about 35 miles west of Austin just off highway 290. We get asked all the time what’s the correct pronunciation? To me Continue Reading

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