Capitalism Hits Home: Sugar Arrangements: Intimate Personal Connection For Sale [Clip]

The sugar industry or sugar arrangements have mushroomed in the United States in tandem with the mushrooming costs of higher education, and the shift of the tax burden on to the mass of people. Without a college degree, young people face a wall in employment and future opportunities. For almost Continue Reading

CarbLoaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (International Subtitles)

الإفراط في الكربوهيدرات :ثقافة شعب همه الأكل هذا ليث لقد عرفته هو و زوجته لمدة عشرين عاما تقريبا. في الواقع، منذ نحو عشر سنوات بدأنا شركتنا الخاصة معا في عام 2009، كان المخرطة ستة و تلاتون عاما ويزن مئة و خمسة وستون رطلا انه اكل تقريبا مستوى النظام الغذائى الاميركى Continue Reading

Social Aspects of Caribbean Slavery

hello this is my fourth video on sugar slavery in the Caribbean this one dealing with such issues as the treatment of the slaves the nature of fieldwork on the plantations and some characteristics of slave society the treatment of the slaves in the Americas varied enormously varying with the Continue Reading