LET THE BIBLE SPEAK – The Church Of Christ’s Choice

Announcer: Today on Let the Bible Speak – We live in an age of seemingly limitless choices, and that’s no less true in religion. But are we giving Christ a choice? I’ll explain next on “Let the Bible Speak.” From the churches of Christ From the churches of ChristLet k Continue Reading

The Market Revolution: Crash Course US History #12

Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course US History and today we return to one of my favorite subjects: economics. Mr. Green, Mr. Green, I don’t wanna brag, but economics is actually my best subject. Like, I got the bronze medal at the state academic decathlon tournament…among C students. Continue Reading

The Perfectionist Trap

We typically aim for a particular career because we have been deeply impressed by the exploits of the most accomplished practitioners in the field. We formulate our ambitions by admiring the beautiful structures of the architect tasked with designing the city’s new airport, or by following the intrepid trades of Continue Reading

Can Dan and Phil guess the USA States?!

Hello Dan and Phil Games (D: BEEEP BEEP) Maps and (D: B*tches! Joking) welcome to our tour bus where we’re gonna be doing some tour bus gaming (D:) Dan and Phil games on the road. (P:) Yeah, (D:) that is right. Thankfully the bus isn’t moving Otherwise, this would be Continue Reading

Revolutions of 1848: Crash Course European History #26

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So, there are many candidates for most important year in European history–1492, when permanent links between Afroeurasia and the Americas first formed; 1688, when the Glorious Revolution gave Europe an example of constitutional governments; 1789, when the French Revolution Continue Reading

Study: Middle Class Screwed, Upper Class Fine

is there so much underlying anger with the american people on their current economic situation well they have that feeling about what’s actually happened is this happening ted that okay and the statistics now the car and and they backed him up hope now when it comes to the upper Continue Reading

We Are Built To Be Kind

One of the hardest questions when you think about the evolution of the human species, from the standard framework of evolution, which really is about individual survival, competing, getting your genes to the next generation — one of the hardest questions within that framework is why are people so frequently Continue Reading

Messy Mondays: The Three Types of Churches

You know what cracks me up? Whenever someone’s like, “Dude, my church is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” and then goes on to describe any church you’ve ever been to. And you’re standing there like, “Yeah, dude. Yes, that’s awesome. Cool.” Look, when it comes down to it, there’s Continue Reading

Women in the 19th Century: Crash Course US History #16

Hi, I’m John Green; this is CrashCourse U.S. history and today we’re going to talk about wonder women. Mr. Green, Mr. Green, finally we get to the history of the United States as seen through the lens of Marvel comic superheroes. Oh, Me from the Past, you sniveling little idiot. Continue Reading

States of Matter | #aumsum

Our topic for today is States of Matter. Matter is made of particles. It exists in three states, namely solid, liquid and gas. The different states of matter are due to the different arrangement of particles of matter. In solid state, the particles of matter are very close to each Continue Reading