How Some States Are Helping Doctors Pay Off Their Student Debt | NBC Nightly News

Stranded by the State – Episode 1 / Public Higher Education

Everyone you can get your phones out. Record this. I want everyone to record what we are about to do. Tweet it to your Governor. EI, EI, EIU! EI, EI, EIU! EI, EI, EIU! Usually the budget gets passed by the end of June, and then it came up to Continue Reading

*Education Not Guaranteed: A Louisiana State University Case Study

How would it feel to learn your daughter, your son, your grandchild…YOUR future was compromised for the financial gain of others? What if the institution that is supposed to uphold the highest standards of education and intellectual development, instead, took advantage of its students? It’s 2008, Lehman brothers went bust Continue Reading

Class Analysis: Pilot

Thanks for tuning in. You’re listening to our first episode of Class Analysis, a podcast where we’re going to be discussing what it means to be a student living through this very strange and interesting moment in our economy’s performance. Unpaid internships, student debt, inequality, and a growing population of Continue Reading

Capitalism Hits Home: Sugar Arrangements: Intimate Personal Connection For Sale [Clip]

The sugar industry or sugar arrangements have mushroomed in the United States in tandem with the mushrooming costs of higher education, and the shift of the tax burden on to the mass of people. Without a college degree, young people face a wall in employment and future opportunities. For almost Continue Reading

Economic Update: Reparations and Forgiving Student Debts

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Economic Update, a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives. I’m your host, Richard Wolff. I want to jump right into a remarkable story. I want to talk about people who don’t get talked about enough. Two million Americans are what Continue Reading

Why Capitalism is The Best System We Ever Had

If you take a look at the global wealth distribution, the richest 10 percent own 86% of all the wealth while the other 90% owns the rest. In fact, in the last 10 years, the number of billionaires has doubled with a new billionaire created every 2 days. In 2018 Continue Reading

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