How to Put an LLC in a Trust

H. Lee Phillips here. Want to talk to you about how to put an LLC into a trust. One of the things that estate planners often forget and your corporate or your LLC attorneys often forget is that an LLC or corporation or a limited partnership or whatever it is Continue Reading

Why Are People In Venezuela Starving (Hyperinflation Explained)?

Venezuela’s economic crisis has made headlines all over the world for the past few years. Hunger is widespread there. Unable to afford the small amount of food available in supermarkets, many Venezuelans have resorted to eating garbage to survive. Even zoo animals in Venezuela are starving according to a report Continue Reading

The Rich in America: Power, Control, Wealth and the Elite Upper Class in the United States

Wealth and Power in America: Social Class, Income Distribution, Finance and the American Dream

this is the way the Constitution was set up by reading the Federalist Papers they were very preoccupied with this and because they were concerned about the fact that the economic system placed the money and property into the hands of a few they knew that those who didn’t have Continue Reading

Socialism is the next Capitalism – Ending Hunger (cc)

One of the most contentious political issues on the American front in the last few years has been wealth redistribution. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Wealth redistribution The notion that you have worked hard all your life, saving, putting up with all the crap that life had to offer Continue Reading

John C. Bogle – The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism

welcome to books of our times produced by the Massachusetts School of Law today we shall discuss a book that details underlying reasons that led to the stock market bubble of the nineteen nineties the collapse of the early 2000’s and huge losses for investors many of those reasons relating Continue Reading

Here’s The Difference Between Capitalism And Corporatism

new york stock exchange is actually and also as company in a bit so and and they didn’t do well the last year it actually have lost that great deal value uh… it lost of sixty eight percent its value and it was seven hundred and thirty-eight million else now Continue Reading

Why Capitalism is The Best System We Ever Had

If you take a look at the global wealth distribution, the richest 10 percent own 86% of all the wealth while the other 90% owns the rest. In fact, in the last 10 years, the number of billionaires has doubled with a new billionaire created every 2 days. In 2018 Continue Reading