With Jocko Willink: The Catastrophe of the Utopian Soviet State

This is Jocko podcast number 155 with me Jocko Willington On the island The dead were piling up In the mission report the head of the convoy wrote At 2 pm. On May 20th. I went to the island of Nazino with commander Tsepkov There was a terrible scramble people Continue Reading

24. The Collapse of Communism and Global Challenges

Prof: I guess what I’ll do today is talk a little bit about the fall of communism. It’s hard to believe, because all that happened, and now, next year it will be the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Wall. You guys were not born yet, a few of Continue Reading

How to deal with the Ideologically Possessed – Jordan Peterson

that's another thing that's quite interesting about the story you know it also makes the case that if you replace your voice with stupid braying that the probability that you're going to become enslaved by a tyrant is extraordinarily high and I always can't help but think about idiot idiot Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson: A history lesson for political radicals

well I'll talk to you a little bit now about the concentration camp concentration camps were established there they were established in England Germany Russia China Cambodia and Yugoslavia and in the Soviet Union the estimates these are estimates that were derived by Solzhenitsyn were that 66 million people died Continue Reading