SOCIOLOGY – Theodor Adorno

Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno was born in Frankfurt in 1903 into a wealthy and cultured family. His father, a wine merchant, was of Jewish origin but had converted to Protestantism at university. Until his twenties, Adorno planned for a career as a composer, but eventually focused on philosophy. In 1934, he Continue Reading

Saskia Sassen on the brutal logic of contemporary capitalism

saskia sassen thank you very much for being with us and we're happy to have a short interview with you about your latest book expulsion z' which treats the globalized economy and in it the ways that is transforming our world in so many different ways you say that the Continue Reading

Introduction to Sociology – Society and Social Interaction

>>All right, we've been building our understandingabout what society looks like. We started by talking about culture and the rules thatexist that that people have to follow. Then we talked about how people learned those rules.Now we are going to talk about how people interact with each other and the Continue Reading

Sociological Imagination

we all have imagination it lets us be creative and envision life in a new way but did you know that there is something called the sociological imagination in sociology to understand one's own self we must understand the relationship between self and society the concept of the sociological imagination Continue Reading