Let’s change the narrative of capitalism | Ken Barnes

What I hope people get from this book is a belief in the possibility that we can change the narrative. I say right at the end of the book that this book is not a manifesto for a movement; it’s a credo for a community of believers who are convinced Continue Reading

What constructive contributions can religion bring to Canadian society?

You know I think there is a lot of shared values in and amidst all the talk of all the mutual suspicion between the different groups and all the different kind of polarizations that are unfortunately deepening in society. I still think there’s a basic deeper level of shared humanity. Continue Reading

The “How to” of Capitalism

if you’d like to make a lot of money you have to understand the rules of the game hello again everybody I’m UI’s dad with project Eli where we educate lead and inspire and today I’m going to – to Eli on some of the facts about capitalism because we Continue Reading

5. Democracy: Why It Finally Worked – Truth Matters – Vishal Mangalwadi

Why did the Reformation liberate whole nations from political tyranny? The Sixteenth Century Reformation began as a spiritual movement in the heart of an university professor. When Martin Luther nailed his 95-Theses at the door of his University’s church, he was protesting against the corruption of his religion. So how Continue Reading

Taxes, democracy and our shared interests | Jennifer Keesmaat | TEDxToronto

Translator: Mirjana Čutura Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Paying your taxes … can save our democracy. Now you might be wondering why I’m talking about this because, of course, I’m not a municipal finance expert. I’m an urban planner. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time planning this city, working Continue Reading

My failed mission to find God — and what I found instead | Anjali Kumar

A few years ago, I set out on a mission to find God. Now, I’m going to tell you right up front that I failed, which, as a lawyer, is a really hard thing for me to admit. But on that failed journey, a lot of what I found was Continue Reading

Ivan Krastev: Can democracy exist without trust?

I’m afraid I’m one of those speakers you hope you’re not going to meet at TED. First, I don’t have a mobile, so I’m on the safe side. Secondly, a political theorist who’s going to talk about the crisis of democracy is probably not the most exciting topic you can Continue Reading

Immigrant voices make democracy stronger | Sayu Bhojwani

Good evening. My journey to this stage began when I came to America at the age of 17. You see, I’m one of the 84 million Americans who are immigrants or children of immigrants. Each of us has a dream when we come here, a dream that usually has to Continue Reading

5. Liberal capitalism increases the average standard of living

the next argument focus is not so much on capitalism’s productive ability how much wealth it produces but rather on the distribution of wealth in a society one characteristic of capitalism in the modern world after the Industrial Revolution particularly was the development of mass production of goods obviously for Continue Reading

Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

So, on the day after the Brexit vote, in June 2016, when Britain woke up to the shock of discovering that we’re leaving the European Union, my editor at the “Observer” newspaper in the UK asked me to go back to South Wales, where I grew up, and to write Continue Reading