What to trust in a “post-truth” world | Alex Edmans

Belle Gibson was a happy young Australian. She lived in Perth, and she loved skateboarding. But in 2009, Belle learned that she had brain cancer and four months to live. Two months of chemo and radiotherapy had no effect. But Belle was determined. She’d been a fighter her whole life. Continue Reading

How you can help transform the internet into a place of trust | Claire Wardle

No matter who you are or where you live, I’m guessing that you have at least one relative that likes to forward those emails. You know the ones I’m talking about — the ones with dubious claims or conspiracy videos. And you’ve probably already muted them on Facebook for sharing Continue Reading

The Nature of Belief Systems. Sadhguru

(Questioner): In the society we live in organized groups, there will continue to exist belief systems. If that’s so then that means that it’ll continue to exist conflicts. (Sadhguru): You are saying they will continue to believe? Is that what you are saying? (Questioner): Yeah, belief systems will continue to Continue Reading

Of heroes and cults – Kevin Low at Universiti Malaya, 16.10.2015

Stop making heroes out of… out of people, because it’s gone.. the cult of personality is gonna disappear, hopefully within the next ten years. People like Zaha Hadid, who have just won the Royal Gold Medal for God-knows-what. It’s shocking, you know. It’s shocking. That in this day and age, Continue Reading

The Deep Future? It Starts With Believing In It | Walter Van De Velde | TEDxLeuven

Translator: Yulia Kallistratova Reviewer: Ellen Maloney A long time ago, I tried to be a mathematician. I didn’t succeed very well, but I was studying strange spaces and surfaces. The term “hyper-reflective space” probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you, but an example I remember is a sphere in Continue Reading

How to build your confidence — and spark it in others | Brittany Packnett

So when I was a little girl, a book sat on the coffee table in our living room, just steps from our front door. And the living room is a first impression. Ours had white carpet and a curio of my mother’s most treasured collectibles. That room represented the sacrifices Continue Reading

Being Kind Is Our Default Response, Contrary to Popular Belief

When we think of compassion we often think that I’m either a compassionate person or I’m not. So and so is compassionate or not. The truth is that research shows that we all have compassion and that being kind is actually our first response. It’s our first automatic tendency. So Continue Reading

How to build (and rebuild) trust | Frances Frei

I want to talk to you about how to build and rebuild trust, because it’s my belief that trust is the foundation for everything we do, and that if we can learn to trust one another more, we can have unprecedented human progress. But what if trust is broken? What Continue Reading

How inequality in the UK is mapped: from the Victorian era to the 2019 election | FT

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALAN SMITH: So Alasdair, we’re talking maps today, and we’re also talking inequality, which is a big word in the election manifestos this year. But in fact, when we talk about mapping inequality, that’s not a new thing. It’s been done before. So who was the first to Continue Reading