Can You Trust Influencers on YouTube?

(synthesizer music) – And as always, like and subscribe, and we’ll see you guys next time. – [Director] Fantastic, good job, Myles. – [Myles] Cool, cool, cool. – [Director] But we need you to have a little bigger smile this time, a little bit bigger, nice. And we’ve got a Continue Reading

The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult

Every single day your life just got worse. It wasn’t just that you were born to Nazis hiding in South America after the war collapsed, you were raised in a world surrounded by barbed wire. Your friends were taught to spy on you. In the mornings, your elders would give Continue Reading

One Good Cult

I’d never heard the word cult used positively until today. Perhaps I’m a particularly cynical person, but to me, the idea of a small, closed society is just a breeding ground for bad behaviour. There are few things that set off more alarm bells in me than a splinter society Continue Reading

How to Destroy People: Japan’s Untouchables

I want to talk about a minority group. And I know what you’re already thinking, thank God finally an upper middle class white guy who’s going to talk about minorities on the internet. But I hope you’ll find this video interesting, or perhaps even useful. Because the group that we’re Continue Reading

English Vocabulary: 5 verbs to make you sound smart

Hey, guys. I’m Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this vocabulary lesson on: “5 Verbs to Sound Smart”. Now, you may have already checked out my lesson on five nouns to sound smart, five adjectives to sound smart; and today, we’re looking at the verbs. So, from the top, Continue Reading

The Pacifist Democracy That’s Survived for Nearly Two Thousand Years

In 1797, the world’s most powerful empire reached out to one of the last remaining city states, and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse: Growth. They offered them all of the lands that surrounded them. They offered them a connection to the sea. They offered them farmland so productive Continue Reading

Death Of A Nation: The Khmer Rouge’s Cambodia

We didn’t come to Cambodia to talk about the genocide. We came here to talk about the country, the past and present alike. But to truly explain the backdrop of modern Cambodia, it’s just something we can’t ignore. Let’s look at the Khmer Rouge. But before we get into today’s Continue Reading

The Other North Korea

Most people lie to themselves. They lie to survive, to keep their social standing. They lie to feel comfortable when they’re afraid. But eventually, lies will come back to destroy you. Because some lies are so big, that they can’t be walked back from. You can tell yourself the world Continue Reading

The 750,000 Bunkers of Albania

We all have bad ideas. I certainly have them all the time, as I believe this series is a testament to. And I bet that you do too. I certainly hope you think you do. Because ironically, feeling that you have bad ideas is usually a pretty clear sign of Continue Reading

The Spear that Pierced a Living God

Behind a thin pane of glass, in the back room of an ancient Armenian cathedral there is a lance that pierced the side of a living God. From the hole that it punctured sprung forth water and blood. Slicing wafer and spilling wine. It is among the holiest relics in Continue Reading