Ben Shapiro VS Socialism

I debate socialists all the time and their only real comeback is well that’s not real socialism or if that’s not really I’m nism is there any way to really get around that and try to make them see that look just because your version of socialism with that magical Continue Reading

Anti-SJW Cringe Compilation

fuck yourself socialist pigs fuck you socialists fuck you socialists fuck you socialists fuck you socialists you socialist pigs who voted for Barack Osama Obama fuck you socialist pigs who voted for Bernie Sanders fuck you socialist pigs who vote for Hillary Rodham Killington fuck you socialist pigs you’re all Continue Reading

Zizek vs. Peterson Debate Climax (with Subtitles)

very quickly; your basic point in the introduction, in your introductions, you know I almost am tempted to say the way you present a communist manifesto the simplified image and so on and so on it’s crazy to say but on many points I, I agree with you and it’s Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson’s Most Savage Comebacks (Highlights/Compilation) – NEW 2018!

How much responsibility do you feel you have particular it’s the alt right Who as you say, some of them enjoyed your work and say I’m not one of you I’m not one of you guys I’m not with you Can they haven’t enjoyed my work? I’ve definitely read bits Continue Reading

Milo: Forbidden Conversation

I’m speaking today with Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo is a hard man to categorize, part journalists, part performance artist, part Agent Provocateur part comedian at WIPP and whit. Yiannopoulos is a man of immense and complex self-contradiction. He’s half Greek and half Irish, but is known as an Englishman to the Continue Reading

The Perilous State of the University: Jonathan Haidt & Jordan B Peterson

I’m here today in Manhattan talking to you Dr. Jonathan Haidt Who’s a professor at NYU and I have him here for a bunch of reasons Jonathan is an extremely interesting researcher. I’ve been following his work on disgust and political belief for Literally for decades he was one of Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson on the “Not Real Communism” Fallacy

And if you think that you can transform what we have already now into some kind of utopia then You’re dangerous because that isn’t how the world works and utopians have been more dangerous than any other people for the last hundred years that’s for sure. Like there’s all sorts Continue Reading

Europe did the world a favor

Hello there. Marxism and communism are at odds in many ways with those who have come to be called social justice warriors. I’ve always called them the pseudo left or pseudos for short. But I must say that this new term is very catchy. But anyway, today I will just Continue Reading

Jordan Peterson Addresses Socialist Intellectuals

On the subject of totalitarianism, um I wanted to do something very quickly, so I’m guessing that even though most people in the room have negative views of both men They have a more intensely negative view of Hitler than of Stalin I’m guessing almost everyone in the room has Continue Reading