THE CULT OF POSITIVITY: PC Culture Turned Upside Part 1 | Cheyenne Lin

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today we’re starting a new three part series called PC CULTURE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. If you don’t know what PC stands for it stands for Politically Correct. Politically Correct culture really took off during the early 2010s when Internet culture became more Continue Reading

Nicole Kidman is in a Cult! … again.

SJW Cult explained in 60 seconds.

It is our duty to fight. (cultic chorus) We are the borg. It is our duty to win. (cultic chorus) Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We have nothing to lose but our chains. (cultic chorus) We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. It is Continue Reading

Stephen Hicks – Explaining Postmodernism In 2018

[Music] good evening and welcome to Nevada I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time my apologies for that little thing over there I just can’t stand people like that – agent I’ll be your emcee for the night a founding partner of Capitol events and a veteran Continue Reading

Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

I’ve really been trying to understand the underlying psychology of postmodernism and its relationship with neo-Marxism, and then the spread of that into the universities and the effect on the culture. And what I would like to start with is a description of your understanding of that, because I’ve presented Continue Reading

2017/03/18: Mayhem while we’re freezing and starving: my talk at Western

these left your eyes and ears dr. Jordan Peterson our differences between men yes curtain tomorrow so the first thing I noticed did I actually mentioned this at the University of Toronto debate with some of you for all the watched is that and I’d be thinking about this for Continue Reading

Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers

You All right, well I’m talking today with Dr. James Lindsay, Dr. Peter Boghossian, and Dr. Helen Pluckrose and they’re all Famous or infamous depending on your perspective as the authors of a series of hoax Articles that were published in what purport to be academic journals in the last Continue Reading

What “Questions for SJWs” Taught Me About YouTube Antifeminism

CC by Twitter user and loyal fan @arineticc. Once upon a time, Buzzfeed made a few videos in which women asked questions to men and black people asked questions to white people. Some people had an issue with this for some reason, and unleashed their wrath onto Buzzfeed for all Continue Reading

Campus Indoctrination: The Parasitization of Myth

Ben Shapiro VS Socialism

I debate socialists all the time and their only real comeback is well that’s not real socialism or if that’s not really I’m nism is there any way to really get around that and try to make them see that look just because your version of socialism with that magical Continue Reading