ETHIOPIA’s devious path to DEMOCRACY – VisualPolitik EN

Ethiopia is a country famous for being the place where coffee was discovered… nevertheless, Ethiopians didn’t start drinking it until very recently. During decades, this country was among the World’s poorest. But, if you follow VisualPolitik for a long time, you already know that Ethiopia is the scenario for one Continue Reading

How does DIRECT DEMOCRACY work in LIECHTENSTEIN? – VisualPolitik EN

democracy it’s a tricky concept now yes we all agree that people must have a say on governmental decisions but on the other hands we’re kind of scared to see what happens when these citizens are manipulated by a populist politician this is why direct democracy and referendums are quite Continue Reading

Benito Mussolini Biography: The Man Who Destroyed Democracy

He was the father of Fascism, the iron fisted dictator who ruled Italy for more than two decades. During that time, he plunged his country to disaster, forming an alliance with Adolf Hitler and bringing the wrath of the world – and his own people – upon him. In the Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Brutal Religious Ceremonies [Warning: Graphic Content] — TopTenzNet

10 Brutal and Horrifying Religious Ceremonies 10. Scalp Dances While anyone who has seen any traditional westerns or Inglourious Basterds has heard of the Native American practice of removing the scalps of enemies, particularly among tribes like the Apache. It’s much less likely you’re aware of the ceremony and etiquette Continue Reading

Why is NORWAY so RICH? – VisualPolitik EN

Is there someone controlling global capitalism behind the scenes? You’ve heard about the Reptilians, the Rothchild family, even George Soros… but there is one player with much more power than any of these guys… and nobody has ever told you about it: the Government of NORWAY. Yes, Norway is way Continue Reading

Is CUBA going to turn CAPITALIST after Castro? – VisualPolitik EN

Unless you live in a cave and your only source of information is VisualPolitik, in which case, Thank you! You probably know that Fidel Castro has died. And with his death, a communist icon goes away. He ruled over Cuba with an iron fist, for more than 50 years. Now Continue Reading

Can TUNISIAN democracy survive ISLAMISM? – VisualPolitik EN

A lot of people are wondering these days if it’s possible to put the word Islam in the same sentance as democracy and human rights. And, to tell you the truth, there are not so many examples to be optimistic about. Even in Turkey, where the separation between church and Continue Reading

Joaquin Murrieta: The Real Zorro

Nearly everyone has grown up hearing the stories of the masked vigilante named Zorro. He was dressed all in black, and fought with a sword to defeat his enemies. Instead of superpowers, he used his wits and strength to take down the bad guys. He took from the rich to Continue Reading

Top 10 Things That Would Happen if the US Became ISOLATIONIST

10 Things That Would Happen if the US Became Isolationist 10. Negatives: War in Europe Europe today is kinda a mess. Brexit, a migrant crisis, and Greek debt have left the continent addled and bickering. As a result, Russia has seen an opportunity to step up its expansionist activities on Continue Reading

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII: The Marriage that Changed History

On the 11th of December 1936, a man spoke on the BBC. Millions of listeners held their breath as he announced his resolve to go forward with a decision which was, and remains, unique in British history: his abdication to the throne. That man was Edward VIII. The reason behind Continue Reading