Social Disorder – The Sex Survey Experiment | Rooster Teeth

Welcome to another episode Social disorder You may remember last episode where Chris tried to drown me in a lake and I won yeah, it was almost murder Yes, and the experiment [this] week is a survey where we’re getting [people] to answer questions about their relationships and sex yes Continue Reading

How to Understand Sexiness

When it comes to sex, we are – in theory – living in wildly liberated times. So you’d think it would easy to feel at ease owning up to certain sorts of sexual desires. But for most of us, the world doesn’t actually feel that generous about fetishes. It’s very Continue Reading

10 News Stories That Will DESTROY Your Faith In Humanity 2016

10 News Stories that will destroy your faith in humanity – 2016 edition 10) Fast and Furious Snapchat in 2016 has had people thinking that their life is a movie. Some users go to dangerous lengths just to entertain their followers, even if it means risking their lives and others. Continue Reading

I Was Sexually Abused By The Catholic Church

– A lot of the abuse took place inside the church, inside the house of God. Saying no to him would almost be saying, like, no to god, and when have you ever said no to God? (down tempo music) I was sexually abused by a Catholic priest from the Continue Reading

Sex & Sexuality: Crash Course Sociology #31

Let’s talk about sex. It’s totally OK if that makes you wanna cringe. After all, most people will tell you that sex is private, not something that people generally talk about at least, not in class. Besides, sex is usually thought of as a deep, primeval part of ourselves. It’s Continue Reading

Love is a Religious Problem

So there’s a great line that says that sex is a disappointing answer to life’s riddle and that love is ultimately a religious problem. What we hope to get with love is what we failed to get with God. Once we dispensed with God, or once Nietzsche told us that Continue Reading

Sex and Religion | HOLY FACTS – Deepak Chopra

Hey everyone! I’m Gotham Chopra and this is Holy Facts, the show where we take you on a tour of the weirder side of religion and spirituality, from the Jedi mind tricks to summoning the spirits of the dead. For this episode, you’re going to want to turn the lights Continue Reading