Hi there and welcome to real talk with angry soccer mom. This week’s discussion topics anything you feel is newsworthy about racism bigotry and inequality in America and like I usually say, that’s pretty much everything at this point and it’s unfortunate but that’s true. If you’re there please say Continue Reading

Capitalism Hits Home: Sugar Arrangements: Intimate Personal Connection For Sale [Clip]

The sugar industry or sugar arrangements have mushroomed in the United States in tandem with the mushrooming costs of higher education, and the shift of the tax burden on to the mass of people. Without a college degree, young people face a wall in employment and future opportunities. For almost Continue Reading

Comments: Pokémon, Gender & Marxism + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Real quick before we begin, stick around at the end for a very important and exciting announcement. If you like Shakespeare and acting and me, then this is something that you’re gonna wanna hear. We talked a while ago about training Pokémon and Marxism, and Tarvoc pointed out that Pokémon Continue Reading

Is God a Woman? LIFE SUCKS! #01 Religion

dad why do people believe in God you know there are some questions about the universe that cannot be answered and many people need God to give them spiritual support and to help explain all the terrible things that happen in the world and what’s your name Oh her name Continue Reading

Starbucks Hates Capitalism

Whoa, here we go back into the world of leftist make-believe. Where will we go today? Ben Shapiro is a Nazi ville Trump is actually Hitler land, the Green New Deal Island Perhaps no no, no, my friend today. We venture into the abyss of the wage gap So while Continue Reading

Penn Jillette on Libertarianism, Taxes, Trump, Clinton and Weed | Best of ’16

Let me lay on you what Libertarianism is to me. Once again I’m speaking for myself which is about as Libertarian as you can get. I do not believe I know what’s best for other people. I also don’t believe that other people know what’s best for other people. I Continue Reading

What is Death of a Notion? [Channel Trailer – Season 1]

What the Heck is Death of a Notion? On Death of a Notion we will focus on ideas and pretty much if there is anything that is potentially wrong with the idea we will bring in as much information as possible, and be able to answer it with near 100%ish Continue Reading

The Digital Love Industry (Full Length)

[WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT THIS VIDEO CONTAINS CONTENT CERTAIN VIEWERS MAY FIND OBJECTIONABLE] [LOVE INDUSTRIES] [AN ORIGINAL VICE SERIES] Since the first time I turned on a computer and patiently waited for the modem to dial out [JO FUERTES-KNIGHT VICE] I have been hooked on technology. Now, the rise of social Continue Reading

How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking

my description of demons is persons without bodies it’s very important to realize you’re dealing with a person in the early years of my ministry I suffered from intense depression that would come over me and rest upon me like a dark cloud and shut me in keep me from Continue Reading

Sexualität: Gottes unheiliges Geschenk | SRF Sternstunde Religion