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Trump expected to be optimistic during State of the Union despite impeachment vote

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White House Just Ruined Pelosi’s Day With Impeachment Announcement

Nancy Pelosi’s high stakes gamble to sit on the articles of impeachment against President Trump has the potential to blow up in her face. Not only is Madame Speaker’s conduct unprecedented but it flies in the face of how the Constitution outlines the impeachment process and she is playing with Continue Reading

Obama Spoof Music Video: 3oh!3 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’ by ObamaPress – Health Care Reform

“If we’re able to stop Obama on Health Care . . . It will break him!” -Republican Senator Jim DeMint Obama: “Defeating HealthCare reform is about breaking me. Health Care reform. If it fails then I’m gone. Cause we’ll lose seats in the Senate, and there’ll be no more reform. Continue Reading

Fitton calls on Senate to probe ‘deep state’ attack on Trump

U.S. envoy for N. Korea sworn in as Deputy Secretary of State

America’s special envoy for North Korea Steven vegan was sworn in on Saturday as the Deputy Secretary of State he was confirmed last week by the Senate vegan has been involved in various Foreign Relations and government rules as executive secretary of the National Security Council and chief of staff Continue Reading

U.S. Senate confirms Stephen Biegun as Deputy Secretary of State

and this just coming in and the US Senate has confirmed the current Special Representative for North Korean Affairs Stephen vegan to become president old Trump’s number two diplomat at the State Department in a 93 vote now the new promotion places began the Deputy Secretary of State seat behind Continue Reading