Meditation for Better Self Confidence

In this Meditation you will focus on growing your self-confidence Make time for yourself to really benefit from this Meditation. Welcome I’m Susan McCann thank you for joining me. Like any form of meditation, the more you practise the deeper the benefits. We Meditate during a period of quiet time, Continue Reading

Self Trust vs Independence – Teal Swan

♪ Intro Music ♪ Hello there … All of our relationships are a reflection of our relationship with ourself. The way we feel in our relationships are a reflection of the way we feel in the relationship with ourselves. Many Self-Help Gurus and Spiritual Teachers have taught their disciples this Continue Reading

🕉😀 How to trust yourself! A MUST WATCH! – Spiritual Teacher Adyashanti

I want to start off with an e-mail from Jack. And Jack says this: I have listened to countless talks by Adya and Mukti , but I still seem to struggle with applying the teaching. I get the sense that it is because I can’t trust myself. And I’m not Continue Reading

How To Trust Yourself -Teal Swan-

How To Trust Yourself Hello everyone. Today I’m gonna to talk to you about self trust. Most of all, I’m going to teach you how to trust yourself. Self trust can be summed up as the assured reliance on your character, ability, strength and truth. Most of us have spent Continue Reading