7 Strange and Scary Cults

The Birth Of An Amazonian Cult: Cocaine And Faith In The Amazon (Part 1)

Cult leader interview – What people tell me about Chrysalis

This Chrysalis! This, like, sounds like some cult, or something! Pooossibly! Isn’t a cult… umh… like a… negative thing? Well if you really want to put it that way, sure. But don’t cults usually have like this chärishmäthic leader? —— Yeah. But don’t the others like, worship that leader or Continue Reading

The Promised Land: Cocaine And Faith In The Amazon (Full Length)

Why is Religion so Often a Source of Conflict?

such a sad reality the basis of every religion is to love God with all your heart mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself and ultimately everyone is our neighbor the shrimad bhagwat tells that the greatest service that gives pleasure to God is to show compassion to Continue Reading

Meeting The Mormons (Religion Documentary) – Real Stories