Religion is Intuitive (Religion, Belief and Social Connections, Part 1)

Hi, I’m Rabbi Geoff Mitelman. I’m the founding director of Sinai and Synapses, and I’m thrilled to be sitting here with two of our former Sinai and Synapses fellows, Connor Wood and Jonathan Morgan, who not only are both former Sinai and Synapses fellows, not only both went through the Continue Reading

Pygmalion Effect – The Power of Beliefs

The Pygmalion Effect, also known as the Rosenthal effect is the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to a higher performance. By the Pygmalion effect, people internalize their positive labels, and those with positive labels succeed accordingly.This is a form of the self-fulfilling prophecy where a prediction either directly or indirectly Continue Reading

Dawson Church: “Mind to Matter” and the Mind/Body Connection | Electricity of Life

Welcome to the Electricity of Life, brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at The connection of the mind to the body is an arena of constantly growing scientific investigation. To an unprecedented degree, mainstream medicine today acknowledges that the mind has a profound effect on one’s physical well-being. Continue Reading

The Rubber Hand Illusion – Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? – BBC Two

Hi, I’m larry. Hi [very] nice to meet you [ad] we’re gonna do a little demonstration here called the rubber hand illusion It’s gonna be a little disillusioned. You’re gonna [figure] out [fun], but it reveals The most important you. I don’t your other hand out [inside]. Thank you [alright] Continue Reading

#FOTD134 Deception and belief

Halloween: Paranormal beliefs in America | IN 60 SECONDS

Boo! It’s Halloween, guys! According to a handful of polls, belief in ghosts may be on the rise. A 2007 AP/Ipsos poll found that 1/3 of American adults believed in ghosts. In a 2011 CBS News question, 40 percent said that they believed that ghosts, or the spirits of the Continue Reading

Trust – CS50 Podcast, Ep. 1

This is CS50. DAVID MALAN: Hello, world. This is the CS50 podcast, and my name is David Malan. COLTON OGDEN: And my name is Colton Ogden. DAVID MALAN: And so glad to have everyone back with us today for our second ever episode of the CS50 podcast. COLTON OGDEN: Yeah, Continue Reading

Building Confidence with Girls Garage | Mission Unstoppable Garage

other than building the perfect social media profile flattering photos funny yet relatable captions videos of dogs that’s until I met Emily Pilloton she showed me that anyone can build I’m not wired to work in an office I’m not wired to do work that I don’t get to put Continue Reading

Create a Breakthrough for FREE

Have you been watching any of our stories about leaders and entrepreneurs, like you, becoming stronger, more aware and balanced? And they’re more effective at growing their business as they prevent disease and create greater health. One of the strategies they learn from our exclusive Playbook and coaching program is Continue Reading