Obama Spoof Music Video: 3oh!3 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’ by ObamaPress – Health Care Reform

“If we’re able to stop Obama on Health Care . . . It will break him!” -Republican Senator Jim DeMint Obama: “Defeating HealthCare reform is about breaking me. Health Care reform. If it fails then I’m gone. Cause we’ll lose seats in the Senate, and there’ll be no more reform. Continue Reading

FULL Saturday Night Politics 6/29/19 | MSNBC Breaking News Today June 29, 2019

the presidential election we don't go through week's top stories on how they mate right shape those 493 days lots to cover this design evolves [Applause] before I introduce them if you watch the show before you know I like to kind of send good tidings to my former friend Continue Reading

"Secret Societies and Royal Family"