Trump’s making Alberta the 51st state | 22 Minutes

Today I’m excited to announce that I am going to make Alberta the 51st state, I really am. Alberta, come with us, come be the Hannah to our Montana. I’d like to congratulate Albertans on their decision to separate from Canada. Face it, Canada’s best days are over. It’s time Continue Reading

Faith Is Absurd—Let’s Embrace the Comedy in That | Adam Mansbach

For me as a writer across all kinds of genres and disciplines, whether it’s screenwriting or literary fiction or obscene fake children’s books, humor is always one of the most important tools in my palette. There are things that you can get people to come to the table on if Continue Reading

Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address: A Closer Look

-The theme of President Trump’s State of the Union address was supposed to be unity, and in the lead-up to the speech, Trump honored that theme by attacking Democrats. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ Remember, this speech was supposed to be last week, but Continue Reading

Honest Government Ad | My Police State!

Hello, I’m from the Australien Government Have you been too busy to notice that we’re dismantling democracy? Well, here’s a new app to help you keep track of all our shitfuckery Introducing: My Police State! Just like My Health Record but with no clear opt out choice, My Police State Continue Reading

Stop Supporting the Troops (SOCIALIST COMEDY)│Means TV

Hello and attention and at ease, friends. I’m here tonight representing the United States of Army… of America I’m stationed here tonight to bring you a confidential missive blessed by General James Norman Mattis, old Nevermind himself. On behalf of the generals of the United States Armed Forces and the Continue Reading

JOJO RABBIT | Headline Gala | London Film Festival 2019

It’s amazing, I mean it’s my first time accompanying a film to the London Film Festival and it’s just beautiful I mean, I love London so much and I would basically take jobs just to come and visit. Taika, he’s an absolute man-child! He’s probably the funniest guy I’ve ever Continue Reading

Democracy is Dying | AD

– So you know how I usually have that mug of tea that’s filled with water to reinforce the fact that this is a constructive piece of entertainment, and not an actual conversation? Well, I don’t have a mug of tea, so I got some water. Mm, minerals. Hydration. (lively Continue Reading

What Socialism Really Looks Like – The Jim Jefferies Show

As the Democrats battle for the nomination, Republicans are fighting back with a very specific strategy, and they’re saving their fierce attacks for one Democrat that isn’t evening running. Heng: Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horror of socialism? My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage Continue Reading

What Is Satanism?

Hey and welcome to BrainStuff. I’m Josh Clark and you’re you, and this is the BrainStuff where I explain to you… Satanism! Sure, if you like heavy metal and you have a comb sticking out of your back pocket, you’re probably cool with somebody calling you a Satanist. But more Continue Reading