Ellen Ups Her Scare Game for ‘AHS: Cult’ Star Sarah Paulson

She got here today and I thought, well, she’s in scary movies and scary TV shows all the time, she must love to be scared. No. So I was waiting and hiding in her closet in her dressing room. What? Nothing. [SCARY NOISES] [SCREAM] [LAUGHTER] It was the slow approach Continue Reading

Obama Spoof Music Video: 3oh!3 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’ by ObamaPress – Health Care Reform

“If we’re able to stop Obama on Health Care . . . It will break him!” -Republican Senator Jim DeMint Obama: “Defeating HealthCare reform is about breaking me. Health Care reform. If it fails then I’m gone. Cause we’ll lose seats in the Senate, and there’ll be no more reform. Continue Reading

Sarah Paulson’s Real-Life Phobias Were Written Into ‘AHS: Cult’

Let’s talk about American Horror Story. OK. OK. It is really, really scary. And I was talking to you backstage about it, and I mean, as you saw in that clip, it’s a lot of energy because your character is either paranoid, or I don’t know if you’re seeing things Continue Reading

Alaska Reality Shows Get Sarah Palin Socialist Tax Credits

David: If you’re like me, Louis, you’re probably into some of these different reality shows that are on TV, and the ones I’m specifically talking about are ones like, for example, “Flying Wild Alaska”, and there’s “Ice Road Truckers”, “Gold Rush Alaska”, so on and so forth. And… you’ve heard Continue Reading

Recovering From Religion

Since leaving the religion I was indoctrinated in, I realized it’s taken quite a bit of time recovering from it. from Deconverting to undoing the fear of Hell to losing relationships in my life simply because I’m no longer a Christian to not having support around me and feeling guilt Continue Reading

Team America: World Police (3/10) Movie CLIP – Derka Derka (2004) HD

Derka allah muhammad jihad.Bakala muhammad jihad!Bakala muhammad jihad!Allah derka derka muhammad jihad!Muhammad jihad! Muhammad jihad!Oh, shit. Come on, gary, act. You have the power. ( guns cocking )Fuck derk derk allah.Derka derka muhammad jihad.Hake sherpa sherpa bakala.Oh…Derka, derka, derka.All right, gary! Told you he was top-gun. I’ve never seen acting Continue Reading


hey guys welcome to the vlog a little bit of a different blog my longtime viewers already know this but if you're newer then you wouldn't know that we live in a small house a tiny house with two kids and then another kid on the way living in a Continue Reading

Dueling Narratives About Nationalism In The Church

you might have heard that over the weekend across the failing European Union citizens went to the polls and voted from members of the European Parliament and that across the continent so-called right-wing and populist parties won in most every country giving the European Parliament quite the facelift this was Continue Reading