May 11 – Your Church Won’t Save You

In New Delhi, India, an angry group ordered the Seventh-day Adventist missionaries to leave their neighborhood. The missionaries wanted to establish the first Adventist Church here, but there was a dispute over rights to the plot of land. It wasn’t that they disliked the Adventists. Hoping to resolve the conflict, Continue Reading

Youth Set Church on Fire

God placed this burden on me. For the last few years, I’ve been having this burden because less than one percent are Christian in Japan. It’s a big country– lots of people– but for some reason, the everlasting gospel is not being communicated. Tokyo is the world’s largest metropolitan area Continue Reading

The Butterfly Church

Every year, thousands of butterflies come to the Maolin Valley in Taiwan. They fly here just before the winter in search of warmth to survive the colder months. In this valley, there are more butterflies than people. In fact, the local native community is small– there are only 600 people Continue Reading

Satanic Religious Zeal – Jul 19 – Homily – Fr Terrance

praise be Jesus and Mary today's gospel comes from the 12th chapter of st. Matthew's Gospel where Jesus disciples were criticized by the Pharisees for breaking the Sabbath the book of Exodus chapter 30 set 34 verse 21 said that six days you are to work but on the seventh Continue Reading

Black Label Society – Sold my Soul (Unblackened)


Atheismus ist eine Religion – 3min Andacht

The Damning Power of False Religion (John 5:1–16)