Ryan Wants To Expand Bud’s Buds | Season 7 Ep. 15 | LAST MAN STANDING

Overly Excited Tourist Finds Religion In Salt Lake City

– Whoa, double black diamond, I’m in Salt Lick Shitty, Utah. Home of the… Olympics one time. Let’s go see if we can smooch a Marmon and have a good time. Uh oh, come help, I’m underwater. Not literally of course. Here it is, Temple Square. Let’s go see what Continue Reading

Children's Guide to Growing Up: Social Class System

look at that vagina wit bozo a bit a French kiss ah Lizzie licker puss America's newest starlet girls lover gay guys want to be her I could do that almost freakin love me I mean Mamma Mia yo that's what's up Jew kids what you're part of is a Continue Reading