Hello, everyone, welcome to Weekendr Girl channel. It’s another weekend, it’s freezingly cold, only plus 8 degrees Celsius in June, so if you ever had any disagreements with British weather, welcome to Russia, but, to be precise, welcome to Novgorod. We’re exploring a bit of Russia’s European north, so if Continue Reading

After Trump fired FBI Director Comey, protesters feel ‘democracy is at stake’

This is a very scary moment for our democracy. President Trump fired Comey last night, which I find just outrageous and frightening given that Comey is leading an investigation into his ties to Russia. I think Comey should have been fired, but I think he should have been fired on Continue Reading

Democracy Is Haram – الديمقراطية حرام – Demokrasi Haramdır

People, they were… complaining from… governor and they are writing to… Constantinople, saying “we are not happy… with this governor. Change it, send a new one. Take this one away, we are not happy.” and Bab Ali from Constantinople… they are appointing new governor. At that time no cars, no Continue Reading

How RUSSIAGATE Threatens U.S. Democracy

It is now clear that we have entered one of the most important moments in the history of our republic. News is that Michael Flynn is refusing to cooperate with congress in its investigation of the Trump team’s ties to Russia. Flynn is Trump’s now-disgraced former National Security Advisor whose Continue Reading

US Nationalism is Coming Amerykański nacjonalizm nadchodzi – Max Kolonko Mówi Jak Jest

Watch out – for the American nationalism is coming GOP leader for the republican nomination Donald Trump presented a speech on his vision of foreign policy of the US during his presidency if it comes to such Donald Trump has called current foreign policy of the US a “catastrophe” and Continue Reading

The Psychology of Democracy

It is truly my privilege and pleasure to welcome back Professor Moghaddam to Stanford. We had the pleasure of having him here three years ago when his earlier book about dictatorship was just published. He now has a book about the psychology of democracy. He handles issues that are rather Continue Reading

Poll on America’s Opinion of Socialism

beat-up old americans have you on socialism is a pupil of a respected and uh… some of the numbers are really surprising first i guess one that is not as surprising we ask americans overall what’s your view of socialism sixty percent say negative and only thirty one percent say Continue Reading

WW2: The Resource War – Arsenal of Democracy – Extra History – #1

Cicero once said that the “Sinews of war were infinite money.” Never has that been more true than in the second World War. This little bonus extra history series is going to be all about the complex economic struggle that underpinned the most colossal conflict in human history. These episodes Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Socialism – RAI with A. Buzgalin (12/12)

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay, and this is Reality Asserts Itself. And we’re in New York, and you might notice that we’re in a different studio, we’re still in New York City. And joining us again to continue our discussion is Professor Alexander Buzgalin. Continue Reading