“We’re not concerned about nationalist extremists in Ukraine” – ex-US Ambassador

Oksana Boyko: Hello and welcome to Worlds Apart. Ukraine literally means a country lying on the edge, and while this mainly refers to geography, it is also a pretty accurate description of its the current political situation. Where is Ukraine heading? To discuss that, I am now joined by John Continue Reading

10 Days in North Korea. Inside the most isolated country in the world

Every day, from Monday to Saturday, more than 24 million people work to maintain the socialist machine of North Korea. This is the present-day result of a unique political experiment that’s been running for almost 70 years. It’s all at the expense of an isolated and subjugated people. Or, as Continue Reading

1979 – The Soviet Union deploys its SS20 missiles and NATO responds (Jamie Shea’s History Class)

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, fans of history and particularly of the history of NATO, very good to see you here today. This is the fourth in my series of lectures on critical turning points in the 60 years history of the Alliance. Today we come to the late 70s Continue Reading

On The Money: Capitalism in Crisis?

hello and welcome to on the money where the business of Russia is business I'm Peter LaValle this month we were at the st. Petersburg International Economic Forum holding a panel discussion on the crisis of capitalism our panel included academic CEOs and opinion makers Ronny Goldberg she is the Continue Reading

UK to fight extremism, no matter which ideology it has (DEBATE)

respose by far-right extremism and now being recognized as a terror threat in the UK the reclassification was one of the final acts by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid before I became the new countries new finance minister he said all types of terrorism would now be included irrespective of Continue Reading

Martina Anderson: "Fantasy politics saying there will be a new Brexit Deal"

so very interesting for you as Karen Bradley is gone as Northern Ireland secretary what why do you think that's happened and what do you make of that well should not be missed she didn't do a lot when she was there she wasn't well thought of across society so Continue Reading

New UK terror policy: Extremism to be fought no matter its ideology (Debate)

risks posed by internal far-right extremism are now recognized as a terror threat to the UK the reclassification was one of the final acts by Sajid Javid as the country's Home Secretary before he became the new finance minister yesterday at the time he said all types of terrorism would Continue Reading

Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

hackers have leaked over 2,000 documents linked to billionaire George Soros and his a grant-making organization open society foundation the papers exposed the group's ongoing attempts to influence political processes in Europe in Russia other parts of the world as well his Gaia nature chicken leeks documents from George sources Continue Reading