Germany: Auschwitz statement by Polish FM is cynical play on nationalist feelings – Lavrov

That statement of the Polish Minister where he claims that Auschwitz was liberated by Ukranians… Well, I can’t even comment on this. Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army which included Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Georgians, Tatars. Trying to play on some nationalist feelings in this situation is sacrilegious and cynical.

Germany: ‘Nationalism and protectionism are not forms for new magnitudes’ – Gabriel

Not only, but especially in the West, in Europe, Germany and USA new slogans are applied High walls, closed borders and prepare for trouble (batten down the hatches), they have become seductive paroles It has to do with the recent changes, at the moment the world is being measured again, Continue Reading

Ukraine: Yatsenyuk brands ultra-nationalist protesters worse than Russian “terrorists”

Those political forces have come not to protect the constitution, but to rape the constitution and Ukraine. They are worth less then than Russian bandits and terrorists from the East, who at least don’t hide that they’re fighting against Ukraine. Those who’re hiding under patriotism and love to Ukraine are Continue Reading

Germany: Nationalists march through Heidenau

This is the result of a disastrous asylum policy, caused by the Federal Government [of Germany]. There is no good leftist violence and no bad right violence. Violence is violence and we stand for the power of the state. Instead of creating peace, weapons are delivered. We demand: Stop the Continue Reading

Russia: Communists launch #LeninLives in Moscow’s Red Square

Nowadays Russia’s borders are on fire with a real war in Novorossia, Russia is constrained by a sanctions blockade and the country from across the ocean tries to dictate their conditions. Today the politics of Lenin and Stalin are particularly relevant. It must be learned!