Dear Peter…Americans ARE socialists!

the president has just laid out his economic vision for america offered a deal to the republicans are cut corporate tax rates if you’re close corporate tax loopholes very interesting stuff Peter Ferreira for RI has been writing about President Obama over at four biz dot com be here peter Continue Reading

“We’re not concerned about nationalist extremists in Ukraine” – ex-US Ambassador

Oksana Boyko: Hello and welcome to Worlds Apart. Ukraine literally means a country lying on the edge, and while this mainly refers to geography, it is also a pretty accurate description of its the current political situation. Where is Ukraine heading? To discuss that, I am now joined by John Continue Reading

Thomas Jefferson and the Tyranny of Religion

gonna get back also does this whole religion thing it’s its a I’m frankly very concerned I a nationally when Supreme Court’s came out and so that’s just tradition you know that the senate opens with a prayer what’s the big deal my first response was yeah I know what’s Continue Reading

Dear Conservative Alternet Trolls: America is NOT a Capitalist Country

okay I just 1 I’m you know lay this out as the the low-wage worker movement in the United States continues to grow and that is as in low-wage workers sane you know I’ve had enough and I’m not gonna take it anymore damn it I it’s becoming obvious that Continue Reading

Caller: Thom You are a Marxist!

Marvin watching free speech TV in Cookeville Tennessee hey Marvin what’s on your mind a Tom a yeah I you call the other guy from montana would you call them and get the evidence to bed and stuff yes I think it’s the first time in probably eight years I’ve Continue Reading

Is Socialism Responsible For Dominique Strauss Khan?

robert knight is with us is a senior fellow executive director the american civil rights union the conservative uh… organization intruding on through the new book ten truths about socialism river are walking to the program they are pumping out for a man that you’re welcome intermediate button on bob Continue Reading

Austin Peterson on Capitalism

so it’s american capitalism urs laissez-faire capitalism is sweeping the world and has been in a large respects ever since the the mid nineties with the the creation of world trade organization dis all trade national group of corporations the tell countries what to do it the general grand jurors Continue Reading

Caller – Socialism Has Always Failed

steven haymarket virginia and steve thanks for sisters celery it’s your sex and what’s up you photobook baffled by the expectations post-world war going to do anything open trail complex built prepare well two years uh… in the country that there really is stop right there for a second steve Continue Reading

What Does Socialism Mean to You?

showers what is the new is a new member of the Seattle City Council and a member of the Socialist Party Seattle dot gov slash Council is the website and shallow welcome to the program thank you for having me thank you for joining us I tell us what is Continue Reading

Caller: MLK Advocated for Democratic Socialism

umberto in Hialeah Florida watching free speech TV and DirecTV there to what’s up paid to remember I got through especially at this late hour arm basically what I wanted to same comment on is re: do remember really the autobiography world the biography of doctor martin luther king and Continue Reading