Build Trust with Customer Feedback on

Once upon a time your business had to rely on word of mouth from the odd newspaper or magazine review for client feedback. Bad reviews were easily swept under the carpet and forgotten about, making it very difficult for customers to tell if a business was trustworthy or not. Today Continue Reading

The Nature of Belief Systems. Sadhguru

(Questioner): In the society we live in organized groups, there will continue to exist belief systems. If that’s so then that means that it’ll continue to exist conflicts. (Sadhguru): You are saying they will continue to believe? Is that what you are saying? (Questioner): Yeah, belief systems will continue to Continue Reading

Celebrity Makeup Artist Does My Makeup ft. MakeupByMario

– Hi sisters. – Hi sisters. – James Charles here and welcome back to YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m with a very, very special guest. Magic. Makeup by Mario, Mario Dedivanovic. King, we’re here in the studio set up you guys. A few weeks ago, we did Continue Reading

Jonathan Kim Reviews Capitalism:A Love Story

so where do i have to address a review now i would be travels of a love story by michael moore uh… and i saw the spending a burger earlier but i want to baggage of the chance crude as well and then afterwards we’re going to have access to Continue Reading

Cruising My Religion | Magnus Walker | eGarage

I get hundreds of emails from people and they often ask me, “What is the best affordable, first-time buyer Porsche 911, and there’s no real straight answer to that question. But I sort of thought I’d practise what I preach, I told a lot of people that SCs were great Continue Reading

Religions are fundamentally “Belief Systems” – Sadhguru

Religion is supposed to be the means of peace, attaining peace but in practicality, in reality today every religion has got a base of fundamentalism and involved in terrorism. Can we not make an attempt to create a new world order where there is no religion at all? Now, what Continue Reading

We played ‘Monopoly: Socialism’ but aren’t sure what we learned

-Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Well, while I have you, let’s talk about Lizzie Magie. Lizzie Magie was an American game designer who acquired the patent for the original version of the game Monopoly called The Landlord’s Game in 1904. The game was meant to teach the progressive Continue Reading


– Oh my gosh. (chuckles) – I mean, that’s just epic. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are going to show you videos that all belong to a recent trend called “instant regret.” – (amused) Okay, that sounds like it’s not gonna end well. – (FBE) So, Continue Reading

Socialist Games Reviews: Adventure Communist (and introduction)

Well, that was easy. I was going to make a series on the best games out there with socialist/communist themes, but it looks like I might have to cancel the series if class conciousness is this easy to find! I suppose we’d better play it just to be sure though. Continue Reading

The Lion King – Movie Review