KLIMAT-TEOKRATIN: Varför miljörörelsen blivit en religion

Hi, I’m Henrik Jönsson. The rhetoric of the environmental movement has become more and more hyperbolic the last year. The movement’s vision of the future is increasingly predicated on faith rather than knowledge. When tenets are legitimized, heresy accusations is the next step. With this as a springboard, I’d like Continue Reading

Would The World Be A Better Place Without Religion?| AJ+

What causes much of the world’s conflicts? Well, if you agree with these guys, they’d say religion is the catalyst for almost all of the world’s violence. I think faith based religion is the mother lode of bad ideas. People will kill each other’s children for ancient books and caves Continue Reading

Is Jordan Peterson Right? Does Humanity Need Religion?

Jordan Peterson believes humanity needs religion, that without religion we will slide into anarchy and chaos. That we need god to ground us from nihilism. I was discussing this with my friend who used to be a religious muslim just like I was and he had some interesting reflections on Continue Reading

Paper Masters – Religion Term Papers

Paper Masters writes custom term papers on any religion topic that you specify. You determine your religion term paper topic and our writers write each project according to your individual specifications. However, sometimes you may not be sure exactly what you need. We try to help by allowing you to Continue Reading

Religion vs Relationship | Bruxy Cavey

for the entire law, this is a fascinating verse verse 14 for the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command literally this one saying or word its logos this one logos this one word from Jesus is one command from Scripture and it’s actually from Leviticus love your Continue Reading

How Religion Affects Divorce Decisions | Dads Divorce | Divorce News

According to research from the National Divorce Decision-Making Project, religion and spirituality are often on the minds of many men and women who are considering divorce. Many couples struggle with the decision whether to stay married because of their religious beliefs even though everything else tells men they should leave. Continue Reading

Vad är religion? | What is religion?

What is religion? Religion is near identical with culture – a philosophy of life based on insights that derive from metaphysics. And since metaphysics was said to be the first philosophy, and Greek philosophy was a reformulation of religion into a new term, we can say that religion, philosophy and Continue Reading