113 | Why Church on Sunday?

Why do most Christians go to church on Sunday? Interesting question. Does it have something to do with the Sabbath? The day of rest? Well the Old Testament tells us in the Book of Exodus – Chapter 20, the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. You Continue Reading

CULT – What is a cult and why do people join and stay in them?

Hey guys, it’s Christy and welcome to Chrissy’s corner. Today, we’re going to talk about cults. Let’s begin by answering the most simple question ‘what is a cult?’ If you look up a definition for a cult online the first thing that will come up will be this definition: a Continue Reading

Gay Man Quits Cult After Trying Reparative Therapy: “There’s More Out There. There’s A Whole World.”

I’m Matthew Olshefski and I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was the oldest of 3 siblings. I have a younger brother and sister and we grew up in a very happy, normal, childhood, family life. All three of us were violinists and we were homeschooled right from the Continue Reading

Why do people join cults? – Janja Lalich

When Reverend Jim Jones founded the Peoples Temple in 1955, few could have imagined its horrifying end. This progressive religious movement rose in popularity and gained support from some of San Francisco’s most prominent politicians. But in 1977, amidst revelations of brainwashing and abuse, Jones moved with several hundred followers Continue Reading

On Claiming Belief in God: Commentary

So I think i’ll tell you what I’ve learned. Over the last year, um, I’ve traveled to about a hundred and sixty cities since last January with my wife Tammy, and spoken to about 300 thousand people at live events. And so the first thing I’ve learned was that, for Continue Reading

Litigating Against A Cult.

the first part is the human part uh… some cults have become famous or infamous for taking intimidating actions against lawyers who oppose them and also ultimately for buying lawyers off with huge settlements from which the lawyers made great sums of money uh… i personally never experienced that except Continue Reading

Why Are We Obsessed with Cults?

On November 18th 1978, over 900 members of the People’s Temple committed mass suicide at the Jonestown commune in Guyana. Under the paranoid leadership of Jim Jones, the members (including approximately 300 children) drank cyanide laced juice. Jonestown had long been under scrutiny from Guyanese and American officials for their Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders Was Wrong to Punish a Nominee for His Religious Beliefs

Bernie Sanders said something recently that really bothered me, and I don’t say that lightly, because I really like him as a politician. I like that he’s not especially religious and that he’s a liberal who makes other liberals look conservative. I voted for him in the Democratic primaries last Continue Reading

Why Leaving A Cult Is Hard

since sharing my Jesus boot camp experience when I was attending a Christian college, I’m often asked, why didn’t I just leave? I’m going to answer that question and also bring up a few points from being isolated, brainwashed, and being held against my will. If you missed that video Continue Reading

Should I Date/Marry Someone with a Different Religious Belief??

I got a relationship question for today’s episode and oh it is jus safe I received an email and the question was pretty controversial so I’m just gonna give you a little disclaimer now the question that I had today comes from Sam and she writes can spiritually mismatched marriages Continue Reading